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4 Creative office designs

 Google offices - Cool design

Creative office designs are the new additions to the world interior conception portfolios. Home arrangement and furniture designs are no longer the only main strategy points of the leading design and architecture studios. Speaking of creative office designs, we could not forget to mention and present the office conceptions in the four of the leading companies around the world.

Subject-matter, minimalism, and convenience in creative office designs

Pixar Studio - Cool office design - Lounge area

When it comes to office arrangement and decoration, the biggest and the most powerful companies, especially the technology magnates, are seeking for subject-matter, minimalism, and convenience. These three features are the main rules the designers follow, when they are tasked with such big deals and by such big bugs. Classical and traditional ideas are reduced to minimum in order to let the uniqueness of these companies to come ahead.

The 4 big companies and their creative office designs

Pixar Studio - Cool office interior design

Pixar. The American computer-animation studio can boast with plenty of fascinating office areas, where the workers and the designers are surrounded with inspirational decors and friendly working environment. The muse is welcomed and easily attracted to these creative office designs. Naturally, the conceptions of theses office interiors are theme and the main accents here are popular characters and scenes from the best movie productions by Pixar. They are all spread around the offices of the Pixar`s designers to remind them of the fantasy, imagination, and creativeness as the most significant qualities for the working process. The environment here is welcoming and warm and this warmth is stressed with the comfortable furniture and the strong illumination.



Pixar Studio - Cool office design

Google. Google is offering to their workers, engineers, and chief leaders a large abundance of creative office designs. The atmosphere here is peaceful and relaxing in the name of the public weal and constant success. Big hammocks in bright colors are provided for people, who get too stressed and bored, when they work in a grey and plain office place. Comfortable leather armchairs are arranged in the research centers, where workers can enjoy hours of analyzing in an awesome environment. Futuristic cabins made from wooden pillars and artistic plastic struts are made for those Google employees, who need a tranquil atmosphere in order to concentrate and get the maximum of their potential.

Google Office - Interior design

Google Office - Interior design - Relaz area

Google Korea Office - Interior design - Relaz area

Three Rings Design. You may have not heard of Three Rings Design, but you have definitely known the Sega Company for years. Three Rings Design, as a matter of fact, is a part of the big SEGA family. The design studio specializes in game development and the creative office designs inside the building, where the main work of the Three Rings Design is done, is created incredibly well with the theme decors and artistic furniture selection. The bright color scheme contribute to the fresh and positive working environment, and the extra ordinary furniture design ideas make the entire atmosphere be cool and inspiring to the maximum. The diverse and absolutely distinctive office designs in the Three Ring Design Company building are made by the Because We Can Design Studio.


Three Rings - Office design - working space

Three Rings - Office design

Three Rings - Office design


Red Bull. The high spirit and speed energy drink Red Bull is maintained as number one recreative good on the food and drink market in a striking environment that is divided into several creative offices with gorgeous and futuristic design ideas. The theme is preserved by the color schemes of the creative office designs inside Red Bull, leaving the grey-red-blue palettes combination to rule inside the edifice. The high-tech style is collaborating with industrial decors and vanguard ornaments that we can see on the main furniture and the wall surfaces.

Red Bull office interior design


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