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The chandelier in our home interior


Cassini crystal chandelier

The chandelier is a wonderful decorative ceiling fixture and a very desirable tool for indoor decoration.
It can be designed with one or more units, on which are placed the lighting elements. Most often are ornate chandeliers, lamps and many have multiple prisms of glass and crystals. These amazing lights illuminate the room with reflected light.
Perhaps you will be an interesting fact that the earliest chandeliers with candles appear in the middle Ages. Initially, they represented a wooden cross with multiple spikes, which were placed candles and the whole structure is held on a rope or chain attached to a hook.

Crystal chandelier by Thomas Feichter


Crystal chandelier by Thomas Feichter

Since the early XV century forms of the chandelier has become shape that is much more complex and design. This form can be expressed as a ring or a crown. Chandeliers are becoming very popular with their decorative value, and so, they are completely deserved find their place in palaces, noble houses, the homes of clergy and the business class. At that time, the lighting at night was something extraordinary and this has made the chandelier a genuine symbol of luxury and status in society. In the early XVIII century, gilded chandeliers elongated, curved shoulder and many candles were very popular. They are present in the homes of most of the growing commercial class. Neoclassical motifs of the chandeliers are a popular item, especially when it comes to cast metal, but also in curved wood and gilt. A little later, with the development of glass industry in the XVIII century, production of lead crystal has is significantly cheaper. The flowering of the crystal chandelier was provoked by the fact that this material has very good reflective skills, which in turn offers the possibility for spreading light. All this, as well and some other additional advantages, in fact led to the emergence and growing popularity of the crystal chandeliers.

Chandelier in minimalist bedroom


Chandelier in minimalist bedroom

In XIX century, the gas used in chandeliers becomes a source for lighting and then begins to produce many varieties of lighting fixtures on the ceiling. At that time, many candle chandeliers were converted into such, that use gas. Around 1890, when the electricity began to be used for lighting, the chandeliers began to be produced simultaneously with the opportunity to use both gas, and electricity. Of course, when the use of electricity has become more widespread, the lighting by electricity has become quite standard.

Luxury crystal chandelier


Luxury crystal chandelier

Today chandelier has not lost its charm and it continues to be used as a decorative item in our premises. Of course, the chandelier is not necessarily to be the main fixture in your home, but you may be very useful if you think your home is uninteresting and prosaic. Therefore, if you plan to search for home decoration, crystal chandelier is the best decorations, which you can stop. Thanks to it, you can make the interior of your home elegant and brilliant.
Indeed, crystal chandeliers have long been very popular with its elegance, and usually they were one of the mandatory accessories in the interiors of palaces and castles.

Chandelier in dining room


Chandelier in dining room by Cattelan Iitalia

To our greatest joy, now the crystal chandelier can be seen in every home. There are very many different kinds of crystal chandeliers, and each of them can provide you with elegance and sparkle to your home, you just have to find one model that is best suited for your home decoration. When making your choice of crystal chandelier, it is necessary you to comply with a few things. It is good to note the space, where you intend to you put your crystal chandelier. Measure the dimensions of the room with great accuracy because, only it is the way you can determine the correct size of the crystal chandelier. If the room is spacious, you can place a large crystal chandelier. If you plan to put it in the dining room, then you should take the dimensions of the table, when you buying a chandelier. It is good, if the amount of the chandelier is proportionate and commensurate to the table. Other factors you should consider, these are the style, shape and design of the chandelier. Actually, there is a very different species from which to choose. Nevertheless, of course, must comply with the style of your home and with the other lights in your home. You can search for different kinds of chandeliers, as well as in specialized lighting stores and via the Internet. Of course, all this can take time and effort, but when you put the crystal chandelier in your home, you will see that it brings much beauty and charm in every interior.

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