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Modern Interior Design House by Ong & Ong


Modern Interior Design House by Ong & Ong

This house is an amazing example of minimalist modern interior design, situated in Singapore and designed by Ong & Ong   architects, this is not the first great house they delivered and I’m sure that it won’t be the last either. The attractive design promotes open spaces and connects the house to the landscape as every architectural decision is cleverly thought and executed. The first floor of this contemporary peace of art has glazed walls leading straight to the outside pull, which is situated in a way that the house has its private garden of Eden in its core.

Minimalist modern interior design


Modern Interior Design House by Ong & Ong

The pool connects with the level of the kitchen and dining space also with minimalist modern interior design, making it the dream place to enjoy your dinner or relax with family and friends. The kitchen, finished with seamless aluminum cladding is clear and undemanding so that connection with the outside remains uninterrupted.

Minimalist living space design


Modern Interior Design House by Ong & Ong

The modern interior design idea of the house is to marry contemporary architecture with nature, and while the two main living spaces are practically in the outside, the house also manages to provide privacy in the other rooms. The second floor is adapted into a huge bedroom, with study space and personal bathroom. This light and airy open space is separated by decoration solutions such as the half walls surrounding the study, seemingly leaving the bed in its own private spot, but allowing the light from the windows which are just behind it to pour in and light up the whole area.


Modern Interior Design House by Ong & Ong

The ruling color in the modern interior  is white, but in many of the spaces it’s warmed up by soft woods covering the floor or walls or some furniture surfaces. There are also some accents in black such as the little sitting corner next to the stairs or the black flooring leading straight to what is a gorgeous bathtub, with open entrance and glass side walls.All in all this house is a union between nature and modern interior design, which is sure to impress but also provide a comfortable and enjoyable home for just about everyone.

Bathroom interior design


Modern Interior Design House by Ong & Ong

 Kitchen Interior Design


Modern Interior Design House by Ong & Ong


by Liudmila Georgieva

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