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Minimalistic Baroque at home

Minimalistic Baroque in the living room interior


Interior design ideas change their main conceptions and message almost every second. Designers, working in this field are brave enough to make different combinations and the resulted collaborations are more than successful. This success is easily measured by the audience`s choice when it comes to contemporary furniture, modern houses and fashion architecture.
It becomes a tendency to see how often people makes combinations with styles in the interior design at home, too – with no help from professional designers or from magazine articles. Nowadays, one of the most famous collaboration between two interior design styles is the minimalistic Baroque. If you think that this is important, trust me – you are really wrong. Contemporary elements in minimalism make actually some great combination with the retro ornaments from the Baroque epoch. Modern and old fashioned together may sound to you a little bit weird. Honestly, if try this interior design you will not regret.

Minimal Baroque interior

Baroque and minimalism in the interior design

First, start with the main ingredients in the interior design of the room – ceiling, walls and flooring. Walls and ceiling should be better in minimalistic style – simple, classic and plain enough to put on them anything wealthy, grand and impressive. Paint walls in neutral color – white, grey or light yellow. For more eccentric effect you can also choose the black paint. Minimalistic ceiling is mostly terracotta with gaps all over or an interesting mosaic figures on it.

Minimalistic interior

Baroque sofa in the minimalistic interior

Pavement in the interior with no ornament deserves some florid carpet – Persian in white, gold or screaming orange. Baroque carpets are richly decorated with curved lines, gothic motives and remind the audience of oriental world. Colors are brown and beige, red and black, purple and Turkish blue. Mostly such carpets are combined with enormous mirror in golden or silver classicism frame hanging like a significant element in the room.

White dining room



Table, chairs and cabinets in the Baroque interior design are magnificent and wealthy, too. But do not go to extremes – try to remember that minimalism is on the contrary – simple and well organized. Choose some big and high wooden table form palm or bamboo and collaborate it with simple stools with sentimental motives – crowns, castles and geometric figures. Best decorations for the hybrid interior style between Baroque and minimalism are candlesticks, original reading lamps and ceramic cups.

Minimalistic Baroque dining room

Minimalistic Baroque dining room design



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