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Light and Shade- In the Modern Home – Window Shutters


Nobis House with Modernistic Shutters

The Sun is the most powerful natural force in our lives.  Without it there is no life.

Light and heat from the Sun have traveled approximately 150 million kilometers to reach us, but even so, the strength of both can sometimes be too much to live with – so we seek shelter from the excesses of solar energy.

Within our homes, light from the sun can be: beautiful, uplifting, positively energizing but beware the destructive element!!!  Strong sunlight will fade fabrics, paint and woodwork, wreaking havoc with any soft furnishings and artwork in its unforgiving and relentless path.

The Shutters in the Modern Architecture


The Shutters in the Modern Architecture

One very attractive and effective way of controlling natural sunlight and modifying intense heat is window shutters. Also, beneficial in providing an extra security measure from unwanted intruders – whether of the insect variety or those with more sinister intent!

Historically associated with the deep south of America, plantation shutters will instantly add impact to any room. More of an architectural feature than a window dressing plantation shutters make a bold visual statement. This type of shutter can cast fantastic dramatic shadows or create an infinite range of soft lighting nuances by opening and closing sections in different combinations.

Louvered Shutters


Louvered Shutters from Exotic Dark Wood

Similar in style and equally appealing are the louvered shutters found in exotic locations such as Italy, France, Spain and Greece. Automatically the association with romantic places is transferred to your interior and with it – ambience and poetic atmosphere.

Shutters can be adapted to suit any style or size of room whether modest or opulent.  As shown, the range of shutters available varies from the simple hinged variety to the more multifaceted ‘Plantation’ shutters.  To introduce a more decorative feel to your living area you could explore those with an ‘Eastern’ style of intricate patterns instead of slatted louvres.

Modern ARchitecture  Shutters


The appearance of shutters will be softened if used in conjunction with drapes.  But there is something very attractive about their stark simplicity and minimalistic appeal.  This is unadorned functionality at its most definitive.


By Jaz

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