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Interior design that rocks


Modern rock motifs bathroom interior

Awesome interior design at home, definitely, makes you feel good, makes you feel special. And for sure designers will never stop introducing you some great conceptions and ideas that rocks. And interior design, that rocks can definitely make you feel special or even a star. Interior design that rocks includes Hollywood style and glamour motives in every corner and every little detail. Magnificence and screaming color are spread all over the rooms in the apartment or the house. Bright motives in the decoration keep the idea of diamond life and glory future.

Rock theme living room


Luxury rock theme living room design

All of this creates positive thinking and harmony transfers into constant joy of feeling alive, interior design that rocks has one very important rule – rock music rules. Different symbols of rock appear in the wall-papers with illustrated guitars and drums and in painted rock band on the wall in your living room.

Luxury living bar area design


Luxury living bar area design

Real music instruments are used for decoration in every room – drums in the dining room that makes a great combination with chairs near the table for having meal, a guitar as the most intimate thing for any rock soul is in the bedroom, even in the corner of the bedroom, a synthesizer is set in the living room along the DVD system and the big LCD TV set. Glamour in the interior is stressed with a red carpet in the corridor. It leads to every room and every room is a new place where you can live as a royal king or as a rock star. Instead of paintings, walls are covered with records of different rock bands. Colors are too dark – purple and black – or too bright – red and green.

Stylish living room furnishing


Stylish living room furnishing

Furniture is massive – made from stone, rock and steal. Interior that rocks is an interior that makes you hear music from everywhere. This idea is marked with the music notes on the flooring – illustrated on the carpet or drawn on the mosaic terracotta. Extravagant chairs and sofas – as symbol of the royal throne – can be found even in the kitchen. Get the microphone and call your friends to put their hands up and help you do this terrific interior at home.

Contemporary bedroom rocks design


Contemporary bedroom rocks design

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