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Cosmic interior design


Cosmic living room interior

Always wanted to be an astronaut as a child? Couldn’t make this dream come truth? Do not worry we all have such weird and freaky dreams and live with them, knowing they will never become a reality. Although, some of these dreams have a chance – or at least halves of them have it.  Go inside this cosmic room. Don’t you feel as a space man already? I am sure, you do – or at least a little bit. This space interior design is made for all that grown up children who have wanted to be astronauts and actually for all those grown up children who couldn’t made their dreams come truth.

UFO style kitchen design


UFO style kitchen design

You can use this interior design for any room at home you would like to. The UFO style is modern and minimalistic and it will definitely attract someone`s attention you have been sought for. Cosmic shapes here remind you maybe of Star Wars – that is ok, because that is the main idea of the conception. Furniture is constructed in a weird plan that has futuristic shade and extravagant view.

Minimalist cosmic room design


Stylish minimalist cosmic room design

Shelves are curved in semicircle-shape and make some perfect collaboration with the mirror. It reflects the eccentric lounge set. Sofa is plastic in classic black, the damask is real leather. Decorative stools are the artificial prolongation of the sofa. They are in green in white the way the whole color scheme of the room is.

Cosmic living room design


Cosmic living room design

Illuminations are installed in the whole room – from the ceiling in some diagonal line to the walls in simple rounded shapes. Everything looks so artificial as it`s like the room is not inhabited with human race. Even the plants in the corner looks strangely – no idea what kind of variety they are. Their green color is much lighter than the green in the interior design. This can say to us only one think – artificial overweighs the natural – it is logical – we are in space after all! Get the daily newspaper, put your belt on and fly away for a morning cup of coffee!

Luxury cosmic bedroom


Luxury cosmic bedroom

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