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Carpets in our minimalistic living rooms


Minimalist living room rug decor

Although minimalistic interior design presumes simplicity, neatness and spaciousness in the room, it is not forbidden, sometimes, to improvise and lend some color into the room. Same thing is particularly true when it comes about living room. This room, as much as the other ones at home, needs its whit of freshness and joyful mood. One typical and very often used decor for the minimalistic room is the carpet.

Living room carpet interior design


Living room carpet interior design

Do no image some large Baroque or Victorian carpets with hundreds of motives, golden and silver fibers that can blind us all. Here it is about finding that delicate carpet which will be able to fit the main line of the furniture and to be its natural continuance. Minimalist living rooms have usually terracotta or elegant parquet for floor. Colors are neutral – white or grey, brown or blue. They can be perfectly combined with all kinds of carpets and cowhide home decor as to their colors.

Stylish living room minimalist interior


Stylish living room minimalist interior

Mostly, designers make some collaboration between the carpet and the set of the table and chairs or with the shelves on the same neutral, too, walls. An original idea could be also to make a combination between the carpet and the other decors in the living room, although, as you know, they are not too many in a minimalistic interior design – a piece of lighting set on the cabinet, an vanguard sculpture, some green plant in an original flowerpot or an abstract painting in a simple and modest frame.

Mosaic carpet in living room


Modern mosaic carpet in living room

A carpet in the minimalistic living room is mostly a kind of a rug. It is rough and mainly soft with nice tender touch to our tired feet. There are few conceptions for a minimalistic living room where carpets are colorful or illustrate some epic pictures. Mostly, they are just bright as a color, sometimes even screaming to serve the part of the contrast. Another good idea to choose some mosaic decoration for you rug in the living room – such model will refresh the room and will leave the normal boundaries as main decors. Do not forget one thing – elements and stuffs in each minimalistic room are few – so that is why their appearance should be excellent and they should be maintained – cleaned, washed and dried to perfection.

Contemporary living room


Contemporary living room minimalist design

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