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15 original ideas how to use bold dark colours in interior design

 contemporary media room dark colours

Colours are one of the most important element in interior design and nobody can deny that their role is more than significant. The mood of every room can be enhanced or completely ruined by one colour decision. When the right colour is chosen, however, the architectural details are highlighted and the art becomes more distinct. We are never sure how to use dark colours in interior design. Although recommended by many designers using dark colours has some tricks.

The philosophy of dark colours in interior design

Concrete tiles wall decoration gray

To start with – dark colours in interior design are the perfect backdrop for any art and decoration. They can be used in any room – kitchen, bathroom, living room or bedroom. The dark colours create a feeling of intimacy and coziness. Being neutral, they can be combined with various accent colours. A perfect charcoal grey in a living room, for example, will create a mood for an evening gathering with friends.

How to create dramatic contrasts when using dark colours in interior design

dark dining room decor and orange wall art contrast

Dark colours can be softened by a twist of contrast – some orange or green will soften the grey and also add a dramatic accent. Dark colours in interior design can also be used to highlight other elements in the room – pieces of art or architectural elements. Careful lighting design in dark interior will add depth and flexibility in any dark tone.


contemporary kitchen design dark cabinets contrast back wall

  Dark colours are often used in bathrooms

dark colour bathroom wooden furniture

Dark walls and carpet and white furniture contrast

dark colours in interior design dark carpet white furniture

A dark kitchen and bright green contrast back wall tiles

dark kitchen back wall green contrast  lighting

  Emerald green tiles make dark kitchen cabinets stand out

Emerald Green Tiles contrast to Dark kitchen cabinets

 The bright floor carpet and cushions contrast to dark coloured floor and walls

floor carpet bright contrast to dark colored floor

A contemporary dining room interior

ideas for the modern living dark colored interior

 Modern black wall kitchen interior design

Modern black wall kitchen interior design

 Grey walls and black furniture lightened by a crystal chandelier

modern gray crystal chandelier in a dark wall bedroom

 Monochrome dark chic

Monochrome dark chic Interior design

Modern Interior Design with Dark Furniture and Black


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