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The Sophisticated Urban Interior Design of the ‘g Hotel’


Based on a concept created by Patrick J. Baglino Jr.of Washington DC, USA

The style of the ‘g Hotel’ in Galway, Ireland is just about as far away from Minimalism as you can get –  Urban Interior Design. But what would life be without a rich tapestry of styles and environments that cater to the in infinite variations in human personalities, expectations, cultures and tastes?

This super luxurious hotel is a fine example of a unique urban interior design intended to set all your senses tingling and satisfy the most hedonistic indulgences.  For extra credibility the ‘g Hotel’ is also a favorite project of leading interior designer Patrick J. Baglino, Jr. who features it on his studio’s Blog site.

An Eclectic Approach to Sophisticated Urban Interior Design


Rich in color pattern and architectural flamboyance, the romantic ‘g Hotel’ is the product of a vividly fertile visual imagination.  In fact the designer responsible for this remarkable interior is Philip Treacy, a local milliner who in this instance has turned his creative talents to interior design. This is just one impressive project taken from the Blog site of the Washington, DC. Based designer Patrick J. Baglino, Jr. who has been operating a boutique urban interior design firm since 1998 and has since then

“…amassed wide-ranging experience in creating interiors that are traditional with an innovative, eclectic, contemporary twist–a style we brand “Urban Sophisticated“.

Sophisticated Urban Interior Design in the  Restaurant


A similar lively eclecticism is evident throughout the ‘g Hotel’ which draws on styles, shapes, textures and forms that relate to interior design history and exotic cultures from around the world. The hotel’s designer says that he has included inspirations from the Baroque period to modernism with numerous styles in between thrown in to the mix.

Patrick J Bagino Jr. recognizes that the ‘g Hotel’ encapsulates the life and energy and exuberance that bursts from the city of Galway itself.. This town is rich in cultural history and has long been associated with a creative and forward thinking attitude which has gained it the reputation of being the “unofficial arts capital of Ireland.”

The ‘g Hotel’ reflects the concept of Sophisticated Urban Interior Design


The ‘g Hotel’s design director, Philip Treacy, has focused on creating a completely luxurious and glamorous experience for guests who will feel as though they are entering a Hollywood film set rather than an ordinary ‘bland corporate’’ hotel.  The ‘feel good’ factor experienced by each guest is bound to be unique but equally their visits should be life enhancing and memorable experiences

Urban Interior Design with bright colours


As Philip Treacy says

“Galway City has a bohemian and artistic character that has long embraced its ‘worldliness’, rather than just its Irishness, and it is different from almost anywhere else in Ireland. For this reason, it is the right location for a totally new kind of hotel experience”

This is great example of a new trend in Sophisticated Urban Interior Design as described and practiced by Patrick J Bagino Jr. 

 Animal prints in the bedroom


I wonder if Philip Treacy would accept this as an appropriate description for his unique creation.  For more great examples of ‘Urban Sophistication’ visit Patrick J Bagino Jr’s website.  You will see here a wide range of projects which also share a passion for an eclectic approach to interior design.  Although each project is personalized to suit individual clients tastes, there is a distinctive similarity running through the whole portfolio.  Compared to the theatrical interior of th‘g Hotel’, Patrick J Bagino Jr’s design approach is based on a quieter more toned down color palette.  This imbues his interiors with a timeless serenity.  However, his living environments are still rich in textures forms and influences from a wide range of historic periods.

by Jaz

Urban Interior Design with bold contrasts








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