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Sofa covers protect our furniture and revive the home interior

colorful sofa cover ethnic style settee house entry

Sofa covers do not serve only to protect the sofa from dirt, dust, pets or drink stains. There is at least one sofa in every home and yes, people have a different attitude towards their furniture. Some people use their sofa as sleeping beds, while others treat them as a centerpiece of the design.

 Sofa covers materials

Sofa slip covers sectional sofa covers living room furniture

Nothing lasts forever. Furniture also wears off with time and the chance that it loses its attractive appearance is not something to overlook. There are two major approaches if you wanted to keep the good look of your sofa as long as possible – you can use a blanket, some fabrics, or even a bed sheet or you can opt for high quality sofa covers which will protect your sofa and decorate your living room. The most popular materials for sewing slipcovers for sofas are tapestry, velvet and flock. Compared to jacquard, they are much cheaper, but they wear out faster too. When choosing the material for your sofa covers, choose soft and pleasant fabrics and define the color palette as per your existing interior. It is recommended that you choose warmer, calmer tones and shades as they add freshness and positivism in the room.

 How to choose sofa covers

white covers colorful decorative sofa pillows home decorating ideas

Without any doubt, the main characteristic of sofa covers is the material, the pattern of the fabric and, of course, the color. Follow the advice of professionals and try to choose upholstery fabrics which are durable and will serve you long. In addition to their durability, professional upholstery does not fade and does not deform with time. Choose the highest quality fabric if you have pets or small kids to prevent your furniture covers from rolling over. Jacquard is a very good option as it is strong enough. Speaking about the decorative side of sofa covers, it all depends on your personal taste. All you need to do is to try and make your interior look harmoniously.

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An excellent idea to renovate the dated sofa is to use slipcovers. Despite the fact that there are people who think they are old fashioned, slipcovers can be very stylish and elegant. On the other hand they are quite cost effective and a great DIY project, as re-upholstering can be quite costly and has to be done by a professional. Removable slipcovers are very practical as well, especially for families with small children or pets as they are easily replaced and washed.


An amazing vintage sofa cover

amazing vintage sofa cover living room decorating ideas

 Fresh sofa cover colors add a bright atmosphere in the room

Cotton sofa cover set living room sofa ideas home decoration

  Ethnic motifs in the sofa cover fabrics

sofa covers materials colors fabrics

 Modern sofa cover with clean straight lines

Sofa cover decorative pillows modern home living room furniture

 Greek motifs sectional sofa covers

slip resistant sectional sofa cover Ikea modern home living room design

 White sofa cover accented by bright decorative pillows

Sectional sofa slipcovers white fabric decorative pillows living room furniture

 Patio sectional sofa with green covers

patio design sectional sofa lime green covers wooden dining furniture

Kids room furniture covers

Rustic cotton double cover sofa set decorative cushions

Plush sectional sofa covers red sofa neutral color covers

sofa cover design red beige decorative pillows

sectional sofa covers natural colors interior design ideas

rustic living room sofa covers green wood plank coffee table

luxury anti slip cotton fabric covers sectional sofa covers

how to choose sofa covers white sofa cover beach house furniture

green flower sofa covers living room two seater sofa modern home furniture

Family room furniture white sofa covers decorative pillows

contemporary sectional sofa cover floral motifs

best sofa covers ideas cushions decoration beige

Attracitve sofa covers Ikea red modern home decorating ideas

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