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Modern minimalist house in Okinawa by Shinichi Ogawa & Associates


The incredible linear house called “Minimalist House” in Okinawa is designed by the Japanese architecture company Shinichi Ogawa & Associates. This inspiring and calling attention modern minimalist house emphasizes on detail and final assembly. The house design features a cube-shaped building and a cubic void inside as the void is placed at the center of the house, connecting all the rooms. A glazed roof is the only way for the natural light to penetrate into the house.

Modern minimalist house interior design


The modern minimalist house is divided lengthways into a courtyard and living space. It is laid out using a simple grid system that divides the space in to three living quarters: one-third of the plot is dedicated to a courtyard, another third is reserved for the bedroom, living, and dining area, and the last third for the study room, powder room, kitchen and entrance. The house exterior features four white rectangular concrete slabs, and one for the roof.

Modern minimalist house in Okinawa


Inside, a functional wall unit holds a variety of services such as a washroom, shower and closet and it is the only formal divider in the house. The intent of the design is to create a lifestyle that is minimal and flexible and to minimize on the division of space. It is an approach that worked in favor of the minimalist aesthetic whose rooms’ unique “hallway” dimensions really demanded a scaled-down décor. The internal space connecting to the outside is designed by eaves in order to control the amount of direct sunlight coming inside the house while the exterior wall is designed to facilitate maintenance by applying a photocatalyst paint. The functional counter unit made of integrally solid surface “DuPont Corian” incorporates the kitchen, powder room, and study room. There are also floor-to-ceiling glass walls that enclose the main living and dining area and bedroom. Find out more about the Shinichi Ogawa & Associates


Bedroom design

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Minimalist outdoor design


Minimalist House in Okinawa by Shinichi Ogawa & Associates






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