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Modern mantel decor ideas – a touch of elegance and style

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Check out these wonderful modern mantel decor ideas. Even when the holidays are over that does not mean that you should just leave the fireplace as an empty canvas. The fireplace is a part of your interior and you can decorate the mantel to be a stylish accent expressing your individuality.


Modern mantel decor ideas – Combine various decorative elements


modern mantel decor ideas geography maps picture frames


Modern mantel decor ideas are numerous and very creative. If we exclude the holidays with special decoration such as Easter, Thanksgiving or Christmas, you can create a very beautiful everyday decor for the mantel. If you have a modern interior at home, keep to the minimalist approach so that your mantel decor would not look “heavy”. Modern paintings are always a good decorative option. Flowers are always a suitable decoration for the spring and the summer. If your apartment is decorated in a retro style, you can add a mirror in a vintage frame or an antique statue on the mantelpiece. And do not forget the candles. They create a romantic atmosphere for the time of relax after a long working day.


Modern mantel decor ideas – color combinations


Modern mantel decor spring decor ideas fresh vibrant colors


Modern mantel decor ideas should reflect the colors and style of the interior. If you select a picture, make sure that the colors match well with your overall interior design. You can choose the flowers color on the mantle so that they correspond with other decorative elements in the room. The material of the mantel is also important. If it is made of wood, you may add other wooden decorative items for a rustic feel. And if you have no special ideas for decoration, the books are always a good option.


original mantel decoration ideas mirrors candles beautiful fireplace designs

Modern interior with a cozy rustic touch

beautiful fireplace decoration ideas with painting design wooden candle holders

Antique mirrors and books

modern mantel decor rustic touch books antique mirrors

Wooden clock for the mantel

Modern mantel decor wooden clocks living room decoration

modern mantel decor ideas elegant living room design round wooden table

Modern mantel decor Mediterranean style ceramic vases


Shabby Chic living room decoration mantel decor ideas mirror wrought iron

modern mantel decor ideas fireplace mantel stylish living room

modern mantel decor fireplace design ideas elegant living room

modern art mantel decor ideas living room interior design

mantel decoration ideas wooden statuettes rustic decor ideas

mantel decorating ideas candle holders modern painting

fireplace mantel decorating ideas elegant living room black white gold accents

modern mantel decor ideas contemporary living room interior

fireplace decoration modern mantel decor ideas painting ceramics

awesome fireplaces modern mantel decor ideas living room decoration

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