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Modern house design by FINNE Architects


The architect Nils Finne brings a distinct Scandinavian flair to the architectural community with this modern house design. He is raised in Norway and earned his Master of Architecture degree from the Harvard Graduate School of Design in 1980. Ten years later he founded FINNE Architects and has since designed new homes and renovation projects in US and Norway. He always works on a limited number of projects in order to maintain acute attention to detail. His designs celebrate both innate material qualities and keep an emphasis on clean lines, to acheve an effect he refers to as “Crafted Modernism.” He has a clear sustainability strategy: creating a better environment in a way that puts the least amount of strain on our energy needs while preserving natural resources in a smart and responsible way.

 Modern house design by FINNE Architects


Check out the elegant Lake Forest Park project, an amazing dream modern house design with sustainable design – green materials and radiant heating under terrazzo flooring which has created a heat source with maximum energy efficiency. The design boasts natural-finish wood, a stone fireplace and skylights that flood the two-storey living areas with natural light while providing a view of the surrounding forest. The interplay of the drastically different types and textures of wood clad walls, ceiling and cabinets, gives an eclectic look complemented by subtle industrial-chic details such as the countertop supports and the under-counter mini pot lights. The bathroom of the modern house features gorgeous wood, windows and mirrors while the bathtub is nestled in a glass-wall corner. Its interior glass walls maintain an open-concept feel, but with the benefit of a privacy. Nils incorporates modern principles but at the same time maintains a high quality with an emphasis on fine detail, craft, and the use of natural elements, such as wood, brick and stone. You can find out more about this “crafted modernism” at Finne Architects.

Modern house architecture


Modern house by FINNE Architects


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Modern house design by Finne Architects









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