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Dynamic and Luxurious Contemporary Interior Design Systems

By ‘Poliform’ of Italy


Located in Brianza, Italy, the dynamic company ‘Poliform’ is a leading global designer and manufacturer producing contemporary furniture and kitchens of the highest quality. A family owned business established in 1970, the company’s roots date back to a small artisan’s studio originating in 1942.  With a long history of traditional craftsmanship behind it, ‘Poliform’ has grown to be a major commercial success story in the world of contemporary interior design.  This is attributed to designs that move with the times whilst maintaining the originality and flair associated with unique craftsmanship.

Harmonious contemporary interior design systems


The contemporary interior design collection featured on the ‘Poliform’ website illustrates the impact that current lifestyle trends have on their diverse range of products.  Included are a wide range of systems and interior furnishing accessories for every room in the modern home.  These comprise shelving units, bookcases, whole room suites, wardrobes, beds, sofas and armchairs as well as gorgeous kitchens.  Every item is compatible with every other piece of furniture. In fact, every room setting flows naturally into neighboring living spaces.  For a completely harmonious look you could furnish your whole home from the Poliform portfolio.

White walk-in closet


As well as domestic interiors ‘Poliform’ designers extend their talents to styling and refurbishing large commercial ventures, such as offices and hotels.

Individuality and versatility at the Heart of Contemporary Interior Design Systems


The ‘Poliform’ style embodies the concept of luxurious lifestyles and excellent quality.  The snapshot videos featured in the ‘My Life’ section of the company’s website demonstrate how the sleek and modern lines of the ‘Poliform’ brand have been adapted to suit highly individual tastes and a range of inspiring locations.  So, far from homogeneous mass production, the focus of the designers is to insure that their home furnishing systems are totally flexible and will achieve a different character in every new home environment.  This is luxurious contemporary interior design with personality and soul.

by Jaz

Floor-to-ceiling shelving unit


Contemporary closet design und day bed


Living area


Soho sofa by Poliform


Minimalist black and white living room



Bed design


Walk-in Closet



Round daybed


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