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Office design is a huge contributor to employee creativity and productivity, and managers who underestimate the importance of interior design are missing out on an important tool to success. Moving premises can be a great excuse for an office refurbishment, and even a small space can be made personal and inspiring.


Let the people decide

Letting staff design their own section of a larger office can be a great way to make your employees feel valued and respected, and allows them to create a space in which they feel motivated and inspired. Pixar is famous for its’ unusual offices, where staff work in small huts and can choose to decorate them in any way they choose. You may not have the space available that Pixar does, but you can certainly follow their lead by handing control over to your staff.

Watch out for controversy

This approach encourages a mutual respect between managers and staff, and will give your employees ownership of their workspace, leading to increased productivity. One word of caution: you may need to double check that no one uses anything offensive or controversial to decorate their workspaces!

Think of continuity

Matching your workspace to your brand is also a good way to create a cohesive team, so have a think about using shapes and colours to reflect your corporate image. Wall coverings can be a good way to quickly transform a space, and do consider your lighting options; strip lights can be too harsh, so look for something that is a little gentler (although not dim!).

Pick the right layout

It’s also important to think about the layout of your office space. Cubicles can be uninspiring and make people feel like robots – could you opt for a more open layout instead? If you do need to section people off into different zones think about alternative ways to do it (i.e. don’t use those terrible grey or blue dividing boards!). You could opt for glass panels or semi-solid walls such as trellis, to stop people feeling restricted, or perhaps opt for lower dividing walls that people can easily see over when seated?

Chairs are also a very personal thing, so you could let staff choose their own model (within a budget), to make sure they feel comfortable. Taking the time to listen to your employees will make them feel valued and help to create a workspace in which everyone can perform at their best level.


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