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Impressive modern wooden stairs – a new look at all time classics

modern wooden stairs design contemporary home ideas artwork

Wooden stairs are the most popular choice for interior staircases thanks to the reliability and durability of the material. Wood is a material that will hardly ever lose its popularity. It has been used for hundreds of years and is still considered as one of the best options, especially when we talk about domestic staircases and many stair runner ideas are suitable for such staircases. Modern wooden stairs design give a new look to a traditional material and transform a staircase into a piece of art.


Modern wooden stairs – a decoration for the home

modern wooden stairs glass railing white frame contemporary interior staircases

Among the wooden stairs, there are a few most common types – a spiral staircase, stairs with straight flights, floating staircases and sculptural staircases which are an immediate eye catcher.

wooden spiral staircase awesome interior staircases modern home

Spiral staircases are best for smaller areas as they are space saving without losing any of the visual appeal of wood.

Wooden stairs design stair lighting contemporary staircase ideas

Staircases with straight flights are quite traditional while modern wooden stairs can be seen as floating designs in contemporary home interiors. Oak, beech, ash, larch, pine – those are the most popular wood species for interior staircases. They offer the beauty of natural wood at a comfortable price and add a flair of nobility and naturalness even in minimalist interiors.


Modern wooden stairs – how to choose the staircase?

wooden stairs metal banisters hand rails contemporary home ideas

There is not a straightforward answer to the question what the best staircase is. Modern wooden stairs can be custom made to reflect the owner’s taste and individuality. Wood works very well with metal and glass so many designers combine the materials to enhance the visual aesthetics of natural wood. Wooden stairs with glass banisters or metal railings are often a centerpiece in the room and special LED lighting is used to make them even more impressive.


wooden stairs interior staircase design ideas brick wall

An impressive staircase in the hallway

Wooden stairs high railing wave form sculptural staircase design

Modern interior staircase design

asymmetric wooden stairs contemporary staircase design

A unique decoration in the living room

modern wooden stairs design living room decor ideas

Wood and glass combination

home interior wooden stairs glass metal railings

spectacular space saving staircase ideas interior design modern wooden stairs

space saving staircase ideas wooden stairs apartment stairs ideas

modern wooden stairs design led lighting interior staircase ideas

modern wooden stairs design ideas living room decor

modern stair designs wooden spiral staircase glass banister

modern living room wooden stairs home decor ideas

interior staircase designs modern style wooden stairs

House entry sculptural wooden stairs wave form modern staircase ideas

classic wooden stairs design ideas house entry decoration

cantilevered modern wooden stairs contemporary home interior design ideas


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