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Minimalist apartment design in Taipei Taiwan by Ganna Studio

gorgeous minimalist apartment design taipei

This gorgeous minimalist apartment design is located in Taipei, Taiwan and is designed by Ganna Studio. The natural tones and the minimal theme are gently complemented by colorful accents, modern lighting solution and lovely textures. Green and orange are combined together to create a contrast interior in the guest bathroom.

 Stylish minimalist apartment design in Taipei

beautiful stylish home interior design

Different classical features are incorporated in this beautiful minimalist apartment design, making the atmosphere much warmer and more inviting. An interesting solution is the reduction of the doors. They are replaced by flexible boards which give the interior space a more expansive and modern look – and although it makes the different interior areas more distinctive, it opens up the space and allows a lovely flow between the different design layers.

 Colorful accents and classic features in minimalist apartment design in Taiwan

minimalist apartment design

gorgeous minimalist design solution

lovely modern lighting solution

contemporary furniture design idea

fully equipped kitchen area

creative storage space design

lovely bedroom interior furnishing solution

incredible stylish modern home design

gorgeous stylish minimal interior

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