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‘Turati Boiseries’ for the Ultimate in Traditional Sculpted Wood Paneling



Boiserie is a unusual word to know and as such is not one used in everyday conversation. With French origins Boiserie is a specialist term and refers to a very specialist skill – that of creating sculpted wood paneling.  At the peak of producing this fantastic form of artistry is an Italian company called ‘Turati Boiseries’.  The products of this remarkable studio are breathtakingly beautiful and will totally transform the home or work interior into places that ooze classical elegance.

Specialist Sculpted Wood Paneling Transforms any Contemporary Interior


The ‘Turati’ factory is associated with the finest craftsmanship and is renowned for creating exciting interiors of the most prestigious nature.  This specialist Italian firm has been in existence since the 1960’s.  They have gained a reputation for excellence and produce sculpted wood paneling and wooden furnishings for complete interior design packages.  ‘Turati ‘achieve their outstanding results by combining designs inspired by classical antiquity but use the most modern technology in their workshops.  ‘Turati’ produces boiserie for contemporary homes or commercial interiors. Continuing a style tradition that started with the ancient Greeks and Romans, that was then revived during the Italian Renaissance in the 15th century, and then again during the Neoclassical period of the18th century. These designs have achieved a time honored approval that is associated with high culture and intellect.


‘Turati Boiseries’ provide a service that includes the complete refurbishment of any rooms from floor to ceiling. This may include the design of libraries, living rooms bedrooms, hallways staircases, doors, wainscoting, wall and ceiling paneling, skylights, wooden accessories, coordinating furniture and much, much more.   The appeal is for those who wish to create the unique qualities of an antique style and atmosphere but with no loss of modern convenience.  In fact the outcome, as can be seen from these images, has a particularly timeless appeal.

This notable Italian company prides itself not just on its highly original and memorable work but also on its relationship with its customers.  Each interior is tailored to the personal and unique needs of individual ‘Turati’ clients.

Historic Architectural Elements Inspire Sculpted Wood Paneling


First seen on ancient Geek and Roman temples stone, here stunning architectural features have been adapted to be sculpted in a range of fabulous timbers.  From the darkest richest timber hues to light and airy finishes each unique combination of sculpted wood paneling has a different mood impact. Every interior shown here has been selected to create a distinctive ambience.  Each outcome is spectacularly noble in design and has an unmistakable dramatic impact.  Paneled ceilings follow a harmonious rectilinear pattern, these are ornamental, but in a tastefully restrained way.  The balance and harmony that is always associated with classical architecture has been adopted and reconfigured here in each glorious room setting.  Pilasters arches, niches, doorways and even columns are all proportionately arranged according to traditional rules that achieve perfectly balanced interiors.  The curvilinear elements of pediments, cornices balustrades and banisters are introduced to further adorn the idealized geometry and add contrast to the straight lines.


All the technology and requirements of 21st century living have been cleverly incorporated into modern living areas. Home cinemas, theatres, entrance halls, bedrooms, living rooms, it appears that no space is beyond the transforming powers of ‘Turati Boiseries’ and their spectacularly creative use of sculpted wood paneling.  So if you are a lover of antiquity but also very much part of contemporary society these type of interior design schemes could interest you.  The other major advantage is that, although the initial work would require quite a costly investment, the use of solid timber and exquisite finishes would mean that there is little to no outlay in maintaining the appearance of this type of interior design scheme.  There would be no need to repaint, or replace dirty wall and ceiling finishes.  Your fabulous paneled interior would look as good if not better 30 years after its initial installation.  The installation of classical sculpted wood paneling could save the expense and disruption of redecorating over a whole lifetime.




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