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minimalist design dining room wooden table

A balancing minimalist design is very hard to find, and most architects get carried away to create the most simple interior solution, that they forget about elegance, style and functionality. WCH Interior design, however, has managed to pull it off with this project. You can see that the lines are very well defined and the interior instantly makes you feel welcome and gives you warmth and a feeling of total comfort. There isn’t a single element or accessory to be called redundant, and nevertheless the interior is not missing any creative styling.

Gorgeous natural-tone minimalist design

gorgeous modern minimalist design

With this minimalist design the designers have been very careful, and although they have walked on the thin line between minimalism and blending in and they have not gone overboard. The wonderful combination between wood and stone is what makes this home so natural and inviting, as well as the natural tones in terms of paint and accessories. The crafted woodwork is incorporated everywhere-even in the bathroom. Although this particular interior is primarily designed of natural materials, the e overall design looks extremely modern, elegant and very chic, which makes it very appropriate for a contemporary home.

Naturally decorated living room interior 

stylish modern interior design

Each interior space in this minimalist design is well defined. All of the living areas are nicely separated from each other, however, they have a very unique hidden continuous line and that’s the interior design solution, which is based on the natural semi-minimalism and practicality in every way. This home is definitely the perfect example of modern minimalism incorporated with natural materials like stone and wood – two materials that usually go perfectly together but in other interior design styles. This home design solution is definitely worth the scroll.

Modern minimalist interior style 

lovely staircase design solution

Beautiful clean-design interior 

stylish clean minimalist design living room

Well-defined living spaces

warm welcoming atmosphere modern minimalist

Modern bedroom design idea

stylish modern master bedroom interior design

Amazing natural materials incorporated in the interior

beautiful shower room modern design

Beautiful bathroom design solution 

bathroom design solution clean minimalist solution

Gorgeous blue gray bedroom interior

gorgeous guest room beautiful minimalist design

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