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Minimalist apartment – NIC by n-lab architects

amazing modern minimalist apartment

This amazing minimalist apartment is designed by N-lab architects – an architectural company situated in Luxemburg. Called NIC, this gorgeous apartment interior was competed in 2010. It consists of a 1,292 sq. feet living area and features fantastic HPL panels that embrace the walls in a unique modern way.  Luxurious stylish furnishing and gorgeous chic, clean-design look only compliment the interior even more. Everything in this apartment literarily screams “elegance”. The materials used to create the furnishing and the interior design, are only top quality.

Luxurious minimalist apartment design

modern minimalist apartment design

This minimalist apartment is the perfect example of clean-design interior without any redundant or unnecessary elements. In a way it is even too clean and perfect, but this is Luxemburg style. Even though it is simple and modern, the interior doesn’t lack creativity. Every living space is beautifully arranged to be both compact and functional and, of course, to maximize the free space. This chic,  modern apartment is designed to be functional and comfortable, and prooves that pure genius lies within simplicity.

Less is more  – the motto of this minimalist apartment

innovative nic modern apartment

NIC by n-lab architects presents innovative, modern aspects of minimalist apartment interior design and gives a new perspective on minimalism. The motto of this interior design style “less is more” is entirely implemented on this gorgeous apartment. Even though it is almost a 2,000 sq.feet apartment space is most valued. That’s why this home looks so airy and expansive, which in a way gives a feeling of homeliness in the most primordial way. The white walls, simple furnishing arrangement, and décor solutions make the interior seem even bigger.

Stylish modern minimalist apartment in Luxemburg 

creative modern stylish apartment

Gorgeous white panels 

beautiful modern stylish apartment

Clean-design bedroom 

stylish nic modern apartment design

Expansive apartment interior design solutions 

stylish gorgeous minimalist apartment design

Modern, stylish interior design with luxurious furnishing

creative modern minimalist apartment

Chic, stylish bathroom design 

nic minimalist apartment

Minimalist furnishing and lovely kitchen solutions

gorgeous white chic minimalist apartment

Creative modern bathroom design idea

lovely luxury apartment design

Architectural plan – expansive apartment 

gorgeous innovative modern design minimalist



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