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Luxury residence – gorgeous RG home by mim design

amazing chic cozy luxury residence mim design

Designed by the Australia based studio – Mim Design this luxury residence captivates us with its elegance, chicness and amazing style. The RG Residence is a spectacular realm of glamour combined with practicality and functionality in every aspect. It is not simply about luxury and entertainment, it is simply a projection of a lifestyle.

Amazing luxury residence – where functionality and elegance are combined together

outdoor furnishing idea mim design

Thie RG luxury residence features exceptional floor-to-ceiling windows, which allows the different areas to be naturally sun-soaked, luxuriously furnishing entertaining spaces, which are nicely separated from the private areas. There are spectacular views from the expansive terrace towards the garden and the natural surroundings. The elegant overall interior, complemented by nice neutral tones and contrasted with contemporary design items creates a fun and playful environment, and at the same time allows it to be sophisticated and chic. Depending on your idea of comfort, the design of the different spaces is also neutral-toned, so that it doesn’t irritate the eyes, but gives them only the pleasure of uttering relaxation. Some spaces of course, include accent colors where one can go when in a livelier mood.

Exceptional luxury residence with a piano in the living room

modern luxury residence mim design

The first thing that captures your eyes and your heart in the living room of this luxurious residence is the gorgeous piano. It brings a more traditional and sentimental atmosphere, not only to the particular interior space, but also to the entire home. Imagine waking up to nice, quiet concert music or enjoying a sophisticated home party with lots of guests, gather around the piano.  Although you may think that the hallway is a bit too large, when you scroll down and take a look at all of the pictures, you will see that it perfectly suits this amazing residence. The designers of mim design have definitely done an outstanding job with this interior.

Sophisticated and luxurious interior 

gorgeous stylish mim design rg home

Beautiful and practical modern design

gorgeous interior rg home luxurious residence

A practical ladder solution for the top unreachable shelves

amazing luxury residence mim design studio

Lovely compact area bedroom design

clean bedroom dsign rg home

Exquisite, luxurious bathroom

chic bathroom rg home luxury

Exceptional natural tone bathroom design

stylish expansive bathroom interior

Lovely bathroom interior for the master bathroom

light chic bathroom luxurious clean design

incredible interior design luxury residence

beautiful stylish luxury residence mim design

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