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Luxury Classical Ceramics for Distinctively Different Interiors


Introducing ‘Petracer’s’ for all lovers of ancient art and antiquities.  Now you can bring the elegance of ancient Greece and Rome into your contemporary interior. Fabulous classical ceramics have been designed to adorn floors walls and ceilings of the modern home.  Drawing on ancient styles long associated with the epitome of refinement and good taste, ‘Petracer’s’ has produced ceramic tiles, panels and accessories that will imbue the domestic or commercial interior with an ambience of serenity and elegant luxury.

 Classical ceramics bring luxury in your home



Since 1992 Angelo Marchesi has been the visionary driving force behind ‘Petracer’s’ characteristic brand – classical ceramics. Marchesi’s concepts are daring and unashamedly inspired by the past. Passion, commitment and conviction are all powerful qualities that describe this designer’s nature.  He takes no notice of popular trends, market ‘rules’ or media hype and will create according to his own high standards and passions, regardless of outside influences.  Marchesi’s style is not in the least insipid.  His products are for people who wish to make powerful design statements and are not afraid to stand out as different from the masses. Marchesi believes in the intrinsic ‘genius loci of a place’ the ancient notion that every location has its own distinctive spirit or atmosphere.  He feels this is largely created by the people who use and shape that space so in effect every living space potentially has a dynamic living quality.

Distinctive Living Spaces with Luxury Classical Ceramic Flooring



Seen here in a range of room settings, the splendid Unico flooring range has been designed to “makes a dream of your world”.  Vast living rooms are made more harmonious and unified by unbroken expanses of these luxury classical ceramics tiles.  The priceless antique furniture collections are shown of to their very best advantage by the undeniable elegance of the tile designs.  Touched by history, each interior is presented with its own unique atmosphere.  Colors may be adapted to enhance specific interior design schemes.  Smaller intimate spaces achieve a touch of luxurious serenity.  Eclectic, or more Bohemian collections appear united and modern furniture is also complemented by the curvilinear elements of the flooring patterns.

Elegant and hihgly adaptable  classical ceramics



The lively surface pattern of the classical ceramics Carnevale Veneziano, brings subtle color and life into contemporary living spaces.  An updated version of a traditional product, this flooring is made from thousands of tiny colored stone fragments.  It can be arranged as a solid homogenous surface or arranged in a geometric tile format.  This version of luxury classical ceramics flooring is highly adaptable and particularly suitable to enhance ultra modern or minimalist interiors.  The surface of the Carnevale Veneziano is chic and highly polished which will enhance the clean angular lines typical of many contemporary design schemes.  However, the classical association is not abandoned here as this flooring originates from ancient times.

Luxury Classical Ceramics for Exquisite Bathroom Designs



AD PERSONAM – The classic in the first Person This statement by ‘Petracer’s says it all.  This particular luxury classical ceramics range is designed to totally transform bathrooms into places of fantastic opulence.  These images show rooms fit for the aristocracy or anyone who appreciates the very finest things in life.  Imagine the ambience to be enjoyed in these stately watering holes and how living with these breathtaking design statements could transform your life.  Experience sheer paradise as you soak in the fabulous sunken bath or complete you ablutions surrounded by features that appear to have been taken straight out of an ancient Roman Villa.  Purest white completes the vision of perfection.

Other superb bathroom designs by ‘Petracer’s’ are illustrated here for you to enjoy at your leisure.  Each of these beautiful interiors has highly distinctive qualities, but all show off the use of luxury classical ceramics to there very best advantage.  These are undeniably fabulous interiors to inspire dream homes, touched by the romance of ancient history.

by Jaz

Luxury italian bathroom design with classical ceramics


Luxury black and white bathroom tiles with classical ornaments


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