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Log cabin decor ideas – log house home decorations and accessories

log cabin decorating ideas stone fireplace wood coffee table

Log cabin decor ideas include all the small details, finishes and materials that mean a lot and add the special rustic charm to the log house interior. We selected some great ideas for log cabin decorations which will help you create unique atmosphere and create the authentic character and warmth of a log cabin.


Log cabin decor ideas – coziness and special rustic charm


log cabin decorating ideas living room ideas stone fireplace sofa

Log cabin decor ideas feature a harmonious combination of natural materials, furniture pieces, textile and decorative accessories. The furniture is made of natural materials, simple fabrics and textiles, leather upholstery, lots of wood in the construction of the furniture, wood flooring, as well as wooden walls and ceilings beams. The cozy look and special charm of a log cabin is achieved by adding authentic accessories, decorative items with lots of character and vintage items characteristic for the rustic style.

log cabin decor ideas rustic decor ideas sofa set

Textured ceiling beams give the interior a special expressive depth and wonderfully decorate the space. Barn doors are an excellent choice for bedrooms and bathrooms. In addition, they bring an incredible charm and personality to the room.

log cabin decor ideas interior design log style kitchen ideas

Antler chandeliers and wrought iron chandeliers are the most typical lighting fixtures in a log cabin decor. They are so spectacular and attractive, that you can see them in almost every log cabin interior design.


Log cabin decor ideas – a different aesthetic appearance


log cabin decor ideas wooden rocking chair original coffee table

Log cabin decor ideas have a different aesthetic appearance. Modern materials like plastics will look out of place and will look inappropriate. A cozy rocking chair is the most typical and traditional element of the log cabin decor. Metal buckets and bowls placed on open shelves add an exclusive rustic charm to the atmosphere. Cast iron and copper cooking utensils and dishes fit perfectly into the rustic style and work in harmony with textured wood. Dried flowers can decorate every room of the log house – the living room, bedroom or hallway. At the same time bunches of dried herbs will look perfect in the kitchen. Add a special chic with colorful textiles with expressive ornament. The various towels, bathrobes and bed covers with rich pattern give a special atmosphere and cheerful mood. Look for rustic accessories, dinnerware, and small details like candles, decorative pillows, candleholders made of wood or wrought iron.

log cabin decorating ideas fireplace brick surround baskets

Baskets are also a good idea. You can arrange them as a decorative item by the fireplace or use them as kitchen storage. Add a few vintage wall pictures, black and white pictures or pictures in a brown tint palette, wool blankets, a bowl of pine cones on the coffee table or rustic lanterns to add little rustic accents. Use old cooking pans and pots as flower pots, wrought iron fireplace accessories, area rugs or burlap curtains to add character to the interior.


Log cabin style decor ideas leather furniture stone fireplace round coffee table

log cabin home decorating ideas rustic decor ideas sofa

log cabin decorating ideas rustic living room brown sofas chandelier

log cabin decor ideas rustic bathroom design ideas

log cabin decor ideas log cabin bathroom decor ideas area rug stool

log cabin decor ideas log home accessories ideas

log cabin decor ideas rustic style accessories wood log holder fireplace decorating

log cabin decor ideas home decorations natural materials

log cabin decor ideas area rug floor covering ideas

log cabin decorating ideas wall decoration ideas

log cabin decorating ideas snowshoe coffee table area rug log style accessories

log cabin decorating ideas log style accessories pinecone accessories

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