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Industrial Chic Interior Features in Art Gallery Style Apartment

By ‘Gas’ designers of Chisinau, Moldova


For any lover of Fine Art and Contemporary Culture this is an inspirational living environment by ‘Gas’.  Located in Chisinau, Moldova, this stunning industrial chic interior creates the setting for a vibrant modern home, but it is equally a purpose built gallery space.  There is no distinction between the two functions, suggesting that Art and Design are central to the occupant’s lifestyle.

Light and Airy Industrial Chic Interior


It is becoming more and more evident that the trend in modern interior design is to maximize the sense of light and space within the contemporary living environment.  The benefits of this are that it is healthy for mind, body and spirit. So in keeping with this and before any other considerations, it appears that ‘Gas’ designers’ goals were to create an industrial chic interior whose main characteristics are a sense of unlimited natural light and free flowing space.  This has been achieved largely by creating an open plan apartment.  The main living area benefits from the natural flow of light from large floor to ceiling windows along the outer wall.  The more private rooms are also bright and fresh.  A fundamentally white interior design scheme is used throughout the gallery style apartment to make the interior appear even lighter and more spacious.  The overall impact is one of unity and fluidity between living space and volumes.  The light from the windows is supplemented by multiple layers of light some purely practical and other forms of illumination enhance the aesthetics of the apartment and provide a pleasing ambience.  This interior design approach is typical of that found in a modern art gallery so, therefore, provides the perfect environment for displaying art works.

Functional and Aesthetic Elements Fuse in this Industrial Chic Interior Design


The industrial chic appearance of this apartment arise from the emphasis placed on leaving metal supports, pipe work and other functional structures visible.  The application of white to all of these objects fuses the mundane with the aesthetic.  In fact, normally ignored materials and structures become dramatic design features defining, the space in the gallery style apartment.  The contrast of the ‘unrefined’ structures with sophisticated artworks and luxurious furnishings is energetic.  Excitingly formed furnishings and light fittings provide the visual link between the industrial type architecture and the cultured domestic environment.  Many of these objects are simple but sinuously sculptural.  It is easy to analyze and separate the elements which make this apartment so successful, but this wasn’t the intention of the designers.  They would want this industrial chic interior to be enjoyed as a cohesive whole

by Jaz

White industrial chic interior design


Dining area with amazing white furniture


Apartment in Moldova with industrial chic interior


White kitchen design and black accents


Urban Apartment with white minimalist interior design


White round bed in a white bedroom interior


Bedroom with industrial chic design


Bedroom in art gallery loft


Glamourous black bathroom design


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