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The New Google Super headquarters Interior design


Interior Design - New Google HQ

The New Google Super headquarters Interior design

Can your work place become your dream place? Well, for some lucky people, it can!  Google’s new home is designed by one of the top architecture and interior design studios in Europe – PENSON. The place is a 160, 000 sq.ft. of epic awesomeness located at Saint Giles, Covent Garden, London. Besides the innovative reception this wonderful place includes a Gymnasium, a town hall, a Lala library, great restaurants and cafes, breathtaking views towards the amazing London skyscape and may other whims and nick-nacks to simply “die for”.  In other words “it is absolutely epic”.



This amazing place is designed especially for the NEW Google HQ, so that the organization can bring its sales department and other departments closer to the clients and also to provide its employees with warm atmosphere and creative environment. PENSON has designed this place to be completely different from Google Engineering HQ. Even though the two HQs are designed by the same interior design studio, they are absolutely opposite. The Google Engineering HQ fascinate with their visual decors of Starship Enterprise’s” and “Space Odyssey”, while CSG looks more like a comfortable, warm, traditional style English townhouse, where you can find granny type living rooms, gardens mixed with commercialism and a sketchy workplace reminiscent, which of course includes  “only” 1250 meeting chairs and 1250 desks.

It is not a surprise that the new HQ is entirely designed keeping in mind the “Google’s Red List” which means removing all the non-eco-friendly materials hazardous ingredients. They are replaced with innovative eco, and water based materials.


Some of the most astonishing workplace nooks and rest-nests are the Grannies Flat, The Secret Google Gardens and the Google Green and the park.

Can it get more incredible than this? Apparently it can! Because of the wise and practical usage of eco- materials, space, this place is very thrifty.

Beautifully designed, creative and huge, the Google new HQ is an amazing combination of creativity and practicality. Maybe it is high time to twitch a little the old saying “There’s no other place like home” because we all know that there is actually no other place like Google.

Interior design of the New Google Super HQ




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