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Dramatic White Interior Design influenced by Escher

‘The Graffiti Café’ by Mode Design Studio of Sofia, Bulgaria


The super stylish ‘Graffiti Café’ in the popular coastal town of Varna in Bulgaria presents a conundrum.  From the name of the venue, you would be forgiven for expecting to walk into a funky but ‘raw’ urban café, complete with street art and concrete.  The reality is a total surprise.  The breath taking interior appears to be a fusion of influences and is sleek, sophisticated and fascinating.  Initially, ‘Mode Design Studio’ was faced with a number of challenges to do with merging functionality with aesthetics.  The resulting interior is a triumph in uniting these two considerations seamlessly.  This unique project boasts the most dramatic white interior design scheme, which can’t fail to provide customers with that essential ‘feel good factor; while they are enjoying their leisure time.

White interior design by Mode Design Studio


The lofty space is divided by massive ornate central columns, the profiles of which suggest an eastern influence.  These fabulous features have been fused to a canopy type ceiling through the innovative use of sinuous slatted panels.  These focus attention on the curvaceous and rhythmic patterns which echo the architectural structure.  At the same time other more functional components are largely hidden from view.  Underneath the off white panels there is a darker layer which houses lighting, wiring, ventilation systems etc.  These become invisible and the glimpses of the darker skin under the decorative paneling also enhance the visual dynamics of the dramatic white interior design.

Big impact of white interior design


There is an intriguing soft quality created by the combination of cladding and paneling materials used in the ‘Graffiti Café’.  Repeated white geometric tiles are used on the walls.  These are composed in an undulating pattern and arranged in groups that resemble stylized flowers of stars.  Light plays on these reflective white surfaces in a subtle but enlivening manner.  The overall effect of the repeating patterns on walls and ceiling is one of a huge fabric canopy or marquee.  Light is also active in reinforcing this illusion as points of semi concealed light shine through the paneling at regular intervals adding a delicate shimmering quality to the dramatic white interior design.

Graffiti cafe in Varna by Mode Design Studio


‘Mode Design Studio’  make particular reference to the artist Escher in their comments regarding this project.  The intriguing optical illusions evident in their work are achieved through manipulations of line, light and space and this is directly comparable to the great artist’s famous compositions.  Escher also enjoyed the powerful graphic contrasts achieved by using just black and white.  Black is used in this dramatic white interior sparingly but with big impact.  The connection to Escher is particularly appropriate as the ‘Graffiti Café’ is located beneath the city Gallery of Modern Art.

by Jaz

 Manipulations of line, light and space


Optical illusions of Graffiti cafe


White floor tiles and bar stools


Graffiti cafe by Mode Design Studio


Canopy type ceiling in white interior


White interior design in an urban cafe


Ornate wooden central columns


Decorative wooden paneling


Repeated white geometric wall tiles


Graffiti cafe in Bulgaria by Mode design studio


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