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Super creative under stairs storage ideas – shelves and cabinet design


Interior staircases sometimes can take a lot of space and it requires some thinking and even an unusual approach to minimize the loss of useful space. We will show you some super creative under stairs storage ideas and you will see how this space can become a part of the interior design.


 Creative under stairs storage ideas – an efficient organization of the space

functional modern under stairs storage ideas modern dining room open shelves

It does not matter whether you live in a traditional or modern house, a mountain cottage, or even in a penthouse or loft apartment. There are many elegant and creative under stairs storage ideas which will help you keep the house clean without much effort and use of space under the stairs. Most methods of arranging the space under the stairs are aimed at the rational use of all the available area of the house or apartment. However, the arrangement of the space under the stairs requires an individual approach in every single case. Furniture industry does not produce special items for under stairs space and most designs are custom made.

Creative under stairs storage ideas – what is the right design of functional storage furniture?


modern home storage ideas under stairs storage cabinet drawers

When we talk about creative under stairs storage ideas there is no such thing as “the right design”. Interior staircases have so many different designs, styles and materials that there is not a formula to define the right type of storage organization. The space under the staircase can be converted into a variety of built-in cabinets for storing of various items.

 under stairs storage ideas home entry ideas wardrobe

Closed cupboards are one of the most popular solutions and are particularly useful in the hallway for storing outdoor clothing, shoes, umbrellas, etc. In kitchens the space under the stairs can be transformed into a pantry or open shelves, or you can have a number of drawers to keep various cutlery and smaller utensils. In living rooms and bedrooms shelves or cabinets under the stairs are the perfect place for books, and if you add some baskets you will be able to keep organized and the room will look tidy and inviting at any time.


unique under stairs storage ideas open shelves floating shelves

 An organization system for the space under the stairs

unique under stairs storage ideas open shelves baskets kicthen ideas

 Use the space in the corridor efficiently

amazing under stairs storage ideas white bookshelves

 Cabinets and drawers under the stairs

under stairs storage ideas cabinets storage drawers storage solutions

An idea for the hallway

under stairs storage cabinets ideas house entry decoration ideas

 The space under the stairs as a kitchen pantry

under stairs pantry storage ideas pantry organization

 Modern living room furniture under the stairs

Storage ideas under stairs storage ideas living room furniture

cool under stairs storage ideas open shelves system home library ideas

stairs storage ideas creative solutions under staircase storage ideas

space under stairs storage ideas modern home decoration

open plan kitchen dining room under stairs storage

contemporary apartoment interior under stairs storage shelves

creative under stairs storage ideas how to use the space under stairs open floor plan

creative under stairs storage ideas home office open shelves

cool stairs storage ideas cabinets shelves storage solutions

cool modern under stairs shelves drawers storage ideas



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