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Contemporary interior design by Blu Water Studio

zen creative contemporary interior design

This contemporary interior is designed by Blu Water Studio for a home in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. From a glimpse you can sense the Zen atmosphere and the authentic South East Asian uniqueness. The natural, muted tones and the expansive interior is complemented by plants in every room. They are arranged always in a different way, in order to give you the pleasure of feeling in total peace with nature, even when at home.

Amazing nature-inspired contemporary interior design

chic stylish contemporary interior

This incredible contemporary interior is no less than total functionality and coziness. They are combined in a unique way to create the most chic, stylish, and luxurious accommodation. Coming back to a home like this, you know that noting but pure comfort and relaxation awaits you. The greenery includes different pots or small plants arranged beautifully to create a special natural vibe and give away that unique Zen-Asian character. Blu Water Studio has definitely succeeded, when creating a lovely minimalist, nature-inspired interior. It is integrated and fully equipped with the most modern technologies.

Lovely sustainable lighting and gorgeous contemporary interior solutions

black white contemporary interior design

The natural effect in this contemporary interior comes from the sustainable lighting and gorgeous natural tones. The soft high-quality fabrics of the furnishing and the incorporate nature-inspired accessories and elements that are literarily scattered everywhere also give you a feeling of freedom of the soul and absolute relaxing intimate space, where you can feel only absolute comfort and safety. This residence also has some colorful elements in the cushions and the bedding which are a nice little contrast to the overall earthy tones.

Exceptional soothing intimate atmosphere

contemporary interior design expansive windows

Lovely examples of minimalism

golden accent beautiful bedroom idea

Unique Asian elements

contemporary interior blu water bedroom

Zen-inspired natural setting

elegant modern contemporary design idea

Beautiful, relaxing home environment with luxury elements

gorgeous stylish contemporary interior

The contrast again – Inviting, warm atmosphere, contrasting colorful bedding 

stylish elegant bedroom design

Lovely earth-tone bedding with natural elements to set you off into a complete relaxation mood

natural tone color elements bedroom

Stylish neutral contemporary environment 

beautiful expansive bedroom design idea

gorgeous bedroom design solution

elegant expansive living room

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