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Types of fireplace mantels and the importance of design

modern fireplace ideas mantelpiece ideas black white design

Once you have decided to invest into a fireplace for your home you need to consider which one of the millions of fireplace mantels will be suitable for you. Fireplace mantels or mantelpiece date back to medieval times and their sole purpose was to catch the smoke of the burning fire. Nowadays mantels have become an accessory and are used as a decorative element. Simple, classic or elaborate designs add original accents to the fireplace design and the overall appearance of the room.

Fireplace mantels have a great decorative value

Rustic fireplace mantels driftwood mantel natural stone fireplace surround

How to choose the right fireplace mantel for my fireplace? What is the best material for fireplace mantels? These are among the first questions people ask themselves when choosing a mantelpiece. The most important thing about your mantel is that it matches the fireplace design and the interior. Unless you wish a dramatic contrast, it is advisable to try and unite the overall design concept of your home and your fireplace. Wood mantels, stone mantels, sinless steel, copper, marble, stucco – all these materials have proven to be of high quality and with great decorative value. An additional touch to the fireplace mantels are the accessories – sculptures, candles, paintings, family photos – all these create the personal touch.

Fireplace mantels designs and styles

fireplace mantels ideas designs long mantel contemporary bedroom furniture

One of the most popular styles for fireplace mantels is the rustic style. A rustic mantel shelf on a stone fireplace immediately conjures up the image of a mountain retreat, of peace and relaxing holiday. Rustic style is focused mainly on warmth and comfort. Wood fireplace mantels are typical for the rustic style but nowadays modern mantels made of wood are becoming quite popular. Modern designs use materials like steel, marble or stucco but this does not diminish the decorative values of the mantels at all. On the contrary, it offers unexpected and creative approach to fireplace mantels design and intriguing ideas.

stone mantel natural stone fireplace surround cozy living room

A massive fireplace mantle complements the interior of the living room

carved stone fireplace mantel living room decoration

 Stone and wood are always a good combination

rustic wood fireplace mantel shelf natural stone surround

Rustic interior and matching fireplace design

Rustic fireplace mantels wood natural stone living room decorating ideas

The mantel can be decorated with personal items – books, pictures, etc

Rustic fireplace mantels wood fireplace mantels natural stone surround


Stone and marble in the design of the fireplace

rustic fireplace mantels ideas natural stone marble mantel shelf

Modern fireplace design with a simple mantel

creative fireplace mantels design ideas eclectic living room

 Modern fireplace design

contemporary fireplace mantels  modern home interior

 Wood is a classic material for mantels

wood fireplace mantel shelf natural stone fireplace surround


stone fireplace mantel designs straight lines

Rustic fireplace mantels wood beams natural stone fireplace surround

Patio fireplace ideas stone mantel natural stone walls

modern fireplaces mantel ideas steel

contemporary fireplaces mantel ideas modern homes interior

modern fireplaces fireplace mantels ideas contemporary home

modern fireplaces fireplace mantels decorating ideas contemporary home

modern fireplace mantels ideas fireplace design ideas home interior

Living room fireplace stone mantel natural stone firplace surround

fireplace mantels ideas mantelpiece materials and designs

contemporary fireplaces marble mantel minimalist design

Cast stone fireplace mantel classic style living room


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