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Tiny Apartment Transformation – Then and Now.

A creative refurbishment by Karawitz Architecture of Paris

  Tiny Apartment Refubrished interior design

This project represented a real design challenge for Karawitz Architecture.  So, this article will be of interest to anyone who lives in a diminutive urban apartment and is struggling to make best use of very limited space.  The tiny apartment transformation is close to miraculous and turns a very squalid living environment into a comfortable urban home.  It is still very small but now it is stylish and manageable.

Opening up the space in the Tiny Apartment Transformation

  Tiny Apartment Refubrished interior design

As the illustrations show, the starting point for this project was old fashioned, cramped and quite frankly grim.  Like many people living in major cities the owner of this apartment has to make the most of a very limited dwelling space.  The first phase of this tiny apartment transformation was to reconfigure the interior layout and open it up to space and light.

Almost everything, including furniture and fabrics in the newly designed apartment is white to reflect all available light.  All surfaces, fixtures and furnishings are simple and streamlined. A minimalist approach to furnishing keeps the tiny apartment transformation clutter free, as does maximizing the number of concealed storage units.  The floor in the bed sitting room is of mellow mid tone wood to add warmth to the white interior.

The Tiny Apartment Transformation is Harmonious with a Sense of Continuity

  Tiny kitchen design

A simple strategy of repeating round shapes and spherical forms is used throughout this small interior to add visual interest and a sense of spatial continuity.  The pivotal design feature is a circular aperture cut into the panel wall that divides the bed sitting room from the kitchenette area.  This allows natural light into the working area whilst still achieving a sense of privacy in the main dual purpose room.  Echoing this circular opening; the bed, the cushions, tables and spherical light fittings all unite to achieve a harmonious and united living space.  So to all you ‘urbanites’ out there living in impractical and cramped conditions, take heart from this inspirational tiny apartment transformation.  Your petite home could become equally comfortable and attractive.

by Jaz

Tiny Apartment Refubrished interior design

The bedroom – Small but Cozy

Small refubrished apartment - white interior design

White small bedroom design

Small refubrished apartment - white interior design

Kitchen behind the bedroom

Small refubrished apartment - white interior design

Small, Tiny kitchen design

Tiny kitchen

Small, Tiny kitchen design

View to the kitchen from the bedroom

Small living room design

Small and stylish living room design



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