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Restaurant Design – The artist’s backyard by Metaphor

restaurant design artists house reminiscent backyard

Situated in Bangkok, this place has a very unusual but incredibly stylish interior. This is actually a restaurant design created by metaphor (a Thai architectural firm) and it carries the even more unusual name “glass house in an artist’s backyard”. However, when you visit this amazing restaurant, you’ll see that the name is quite suitable for its interior. With its beauty, style and ellegance it can literarily make everyone fall in love with in an instant. This is very rare, especially for a public place.

Enchanted restaurant design touched by magic

expansive chic creative fairytale design restaurant

Arranged on an area of 140 sq. meters, this amazing restaurant design looks as if an artist’s brainstorm has burst out and has projected itself into the fascinating world of interior, touching everything with the magical wand of imagination. You may find this interior a bit odd and extravagant, but even in chaos there’s much thought and structure. This place has its own character and when you take a closer look you will see that every element and decoration is at its rightful place, and complements the overall look.

 Amazing, creative artist’s backyard

amazing stylish restaurant creative design interior

This artistic restaurant design includes elements such as – paintings, musical noted papers, instruments, a retro bike, and sketches and not to mention the tempting cooking table that makes the atmosphere so warm and welcome you simply can’t resist. The dining areas are beautifully decorated and the seating looks so lovely, that once you come here, you may never want to leave. There are few places, that we could say, without doubt, that open a door to another world for us, and this is definitely one of them.

Beautiful and modern and yet with a reminiscence of rustic and traditional interior

absolutely innovative fairytale artistic design

Cozy seating and a lovely intimate atmosphere

white modern rustic elements restaurant interior

incredible restaurant interior design

Stylish, ellegant and yet very warm interior space

house salad restaurant metaphor creative enchanting design

Creative motto idea

restaurant motto creative design idea

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