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Minimalist apartment interior design by Alexey Nikolashin


Founder of Russian architectural studio SL project architect Alexey Nikolashin gives us a design of an apartment in Moscow. Completely inspired by modern design features this minimalist apartment interior design is defined by simplicity, lighting and contrast.

Minimalist apartment interior design – simplicity and contrast


The main living area is an open plan space combining a spacious living room and a dining corner. White walls and ceiling frame the space and create a clean background for the rest of the design pieces. The furniture is modern and designed as a mixture of black and white smooth surfaces. This contrasting neutral combination gives a stern modern look to this minimalist apartment interior design. That image is completed with the use of other white pieces like the curtains and lamp bodies. The overall look is soften by the warm wooden floor.

Minimalist apartment interior design with contemporary furniture



There is a big attention-drawing piece of furniture stretching across one of the walls in the living room. It is a large cabinet that shelters the TV and fireplace and also acts like a bookshelf. The piece is highlighted with rays of artificial lighting coming from above and below it. Its bottom is lifted a bit above the floor and the space below is filled with white river rocks engulfed in the light. The illumination in this minimalist apartment interior design gives a certain magical atmosphere to the room. The place gets a lot of natural light as well through large windows positioned across from the TV shelf.

Minimalist apartment interior design – the master bedroom


The master bedroom is a self-characterized continuation of the living area. It also provides a lot of space designed with minimalist furnishing. White is ones again the dominating color, seen in walls, ceiling and furniture and wood is the floor material. As an accent feature of this minimalist apartment interior design by Alexey Nikolashin the white river rocks are used in the bedroom as well. Here they are arranged in the corner of the room against the bed where natural light flows over them. The large bathroom is connected to the bedroom with glass sliding door. Its design is a contrasting combination of black and white surfaces reflected in a mirror wall.

By K.H.Hristova

minimalist living room


modern living room interior


white dining table


minimalist modern black-white bathroom


River rocks as decoration


glass bathroom door


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