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Luxury apartment design – Antoni Associates’ Clifton View 7

luxury apartment design clifton view seven

This incredible luxury apartment design is created in 2012 by Antoni Associates. It is located in the exotic Cape Town, South Africa, which explains the marvelous skyline and incredible weather. Along with its chic style and coziness, the apartment has a very strong character, which makes it very easily distinguished. You can definitely sense that there is something very personal in every part of the interior design. As a double-level apartment, the Clifton view 7 can be expansive and can have separate rooms for everything, and that includes a cocktail bar, a cinema and a gym. The kitchen, the living room and the dining room can all be accessed from the expansive terrace which overlooks towards the Atlantic Ocean and the Twelve Apostles Mountain. The view is simply spectacular.  These are only some of the extras that you will see in this heavenly beautiful interior.

Exceptional double-level luxury apartment

luxury apartment innovative design solution

But where does this magical atmosphere in this luxury apartment coming from? Well, it streams from everywhere – the incredible flow between different furniture styles and decoration, the artwork, the wonderful views from the floor-to-ceiling windows and, of course, the amazing architecture. Actually you can enter the apartment from its upper level which is linked with the lower one through this stylish spiral staircase that you can see on the pictures.

Exquisite furnishing and impeccably incorporated decorative elements

 clifton view seven master bedroom

You may think that this luxury apartment is entirely designed and furnished with the help of famous furniture and interior design studios, but on the contrary. The owners actually asked Antoni Associates to create a unique interior according to the owner’s taste and needs and really create something personal. The owners have chosen less famous brands, but nevertheless the quality of every furniture piece and element is just exceptional.

Beautiful skyline over the Atlantic Ocean 

Atlantic Ocean skyline clifton amazing atmosphere

Incredible exterior furnishing 

exceptional outdoor furnishing amazing design

The expansive terrace of the Clifton View 7 

amazing breathtaking view clifton apartment

The entire living area is interconnected 

living room luxury furniture creative design idea

The different furniture styles 

clifton view seven dining room

Creative artwork  integrated into the interior 

lovely decorated living area clifton view seven apartment south africa

office clifton view seven gorgeous view

unique luxury apartment furniture

open expansive chic apartment four bedrooms

expansive style mixture incredible experience

incredibly stylish apartment innovative design creative decor

master bedroom luxurious apartment creative decor

chic white purple bedroom design

beautiful skyline incredible terrace chic exterior interior furniture

chic stairs luxury glass windows incredible design

amazing flooring luxurious furnishing

cozy furniture living room area

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