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Grey Goose bar – are you up to a drink in a marvelous atmosphere?


Grey Goose bar welcomes you. Contemporary night bars are not the bars we used to know from the past. And this so welcoming Grey Goose bar is here, in Brussels, to prove you that. If you are far away from the Belgian city, there is nothing wrong to take a virtual walk through it and check out the new bar interior design trends – you will astonished.

Grey Goose bar – a specific interior design idea


There is something very specific about the interior design idea behind the Grey Goose bar. The Belgian bar is an outstanding advertisement of popular vodka. The trademark of the alcohol drink is actually the same as the name of the bar. The designers from the Puresang designing studio have created Grey Goose bar thanks to the inspiration of the popular vodka trademark and the result is more than amazing.

Grey Goose bar – dive into the blue deepness for a drink


The Grey Goose bar combines the blue deepness, the golden sparks, and the white irregular shapes into a perfect mixture, which becomes a perfect atmosphere for a night bar. The walls in the bar are made of blue, triangular mirror-tiles and the main decors here are the arranged as in the pharmacy store bottles of the vodka. The general illumination settings in the bar accents on the bottles and the task lighting sets emphasize on the irregular pieces of furniture that are placed for the visitors.

bar Grey goose by Puresang designing studio


Talking about the furniture in the Grey Goose bar, saves for being weird, irregular, and extremely high-tech and minimalist, they are also absolutely untypical for a bar interior design conception. The enormous white marble conference table, the little plastic dining room table, and the eccentric stools in vanguard shapes bring a weird originality into this night bar.

Grey Goose – enigmatic lightings in the bar


The Grey Goose bar interior design idea creates the illusion that the place is divided into two zones – a white and a blue saloon. Actually, the illumination system is the thing that creates this illusion, though the entire place is more than two saloons. The wicker lighting system above symbolizes the mess, which is also accented with the unusual pieces of furniture.

Grey Goose bar – ad studio, home, and a secret affair place


The atmosphere, which is created in the Grey Goose bar, cannot be described with a singular definition. The point is that the designers of this public place of entertainment have influenced different ideas by adding absolutely different symbols and motives into the environment having in mind the main idea – the advertisement of the vodka. The result is the unusual surrounding that could be a real masterpiece in the world of the modern night bar design ideas.

Grey Goose bar is an ad studio with its main idea, but it is also a home for the constant visitors, especially with its domestic style furniture. The enigmatic lightings and the extra ordinary decors are making of the bar a typical secret affair place for meetings we all know from the old movies.


deep blue  colours in bar interior



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