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Pergo vs hardwood – pros and cons comparison and useful tips

pergo vs hardwood modern home flooring ideas hardwood flooring

One of the most frequent questions when it comes to home flooring is the Pergo vs hardwood comparison of quality, pros and cons.

home flooring ideas pergo vs hardwood pros cons entryway laminate flooring

We shall try to help you and review both types of flooring so that you can choose easily between the two types of materials.

Pergo vs hardwood – what is Pergo flooring?

modern apartment flooring laminate flooring pros cons

Pergo is a laminate flooring from Sweden. The products of the company are so popular and the market share of the company is so big, that many people call laminate flooring “Pergo”.

modern home flooring pergo vs hardwood pros cons

When you are looking at it from a distance, Pergo flooring looks like real wood. Like other laminate, the core of Pergo laminate is made of chipped wood and the surface is laminate.

pergo vs hardwood kitchen flooring ideas hardwood floor

Solid wood flooring, however, is an all-time classic and is highly appreciated by homeowners and customers.

pergo vs hardwood flooring review durability maintenance

Hardwood flooring has numerous advantages compared to any other type of residential flooring.

pergo vs hardwood modern home laminate flooring ideas

When comparing Pergo vs hardwood flooring, it is important to begin with origin. Pergo is manufactured from composite wood pressed together at high temperatures white hardwood floors are made of harvested trees.

Pergo vs hardwood flooring – Appearance, durability, maintenance

Pergo flooring pergo vs hardwood home flooring ideas

Pergo vs hardwood flooring can be compared by their visual aesthetic, lifespan and care requirements.

modern hardwood flooring ideas how to choose home flooring

Appearance – Hardwood floors offer beautiful aesthetics. They are a natural product and are warmer and more elegant than anything else.

hardwood floors interior design ideas home flooring ideas

Hardwood floors can be made of wood which grows in sustainable forests as well as from recycled or reclaimed wood which is an environmentally friendly option.

wood flooring laminate flooring review pros cons

The wide variety of different types and colors can be matched with any room or home decor.

kitchen flooring ideas pergo vs hardwood flooring

Laminate flooring successfully imitates hardwood flooring although to some people it may look quite artificial.

Laminate flooring vs hardwood flooring review pros cons

Durability – laminate flooring is more durable and resistant to scratches and moisture than hardwood flooring.

pergo vs hardwood comparison wood flooring home flooring ideas

It is not as sensitive as hardwood flooring which is susceptible to scratching, and is easily damaged from moisture, and in areas with heavy traffic it often looks worn out.

elegant hardwood floors home flooring ideas pergo vs hardwood pros cons

Maintenance and repair – hardwood flooring does require regular sanding and refinishing. Laminate flooring is easier to maintain on a daily basis.

pergo laminate flooring pros cons hardwood flooring

However, a repair of a laminate flooring may be much more difficult as a partially replaced laminate will look differently from the original floor.

 hardwood flooring pros cons living room flooring ideas

elegant hardwood floors home flooring ideas pergo vs hardwood

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