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Metal ceiling tiles pros and cons – eye catching ceiling ideas

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Metal ceiling tiles have been used in ceiling design for many years as they offer a number of advantages. Among all the options for styling your ceiling, tin tiles, faux tin tiles, the shining surface will always attract the eyes of the visitors. Once typical for commercial and industrial buildings, metal ceiling tiles became popular as an option for residential areas for the unique look that they provide. When you want a stylish and original look for your home, those ceiling tiles will give you that. In addition, they will hide any imperfections or defects and you can choose between a variety of styles and finishes.


Metal ceiling tiles – practical and versatile option for various styles


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The decision to opt for metal ceiling tiles seems too bold to many homeowners who are used to traditional ceiling designs. However, it is quite likely that they do not realize the potential of metal ceiling tiles as they come in a variety of finishes and decorative coatings and can be painted in any color. Metal tiles for the ceiling are practically versatile and can be used in a variety of design styles – modern, traditional, rustic, etc. You can choose from steel, copper, brass, chrome, aluminum ceiling tiles – bare, polished or powder coated.


What are the advantages of metal ceiling tiles- tips and ideas for the customers


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On the first place they add value to your home as they are extremely durable, they have a long life span and fascinating appearance.

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Metal ceiling tiles do not rot, crack, or absorb moisture and actually add strength to a building. They are moisture resistant as well as resistant to mold and mildew cause by water which adds to the durability properties of the tiles.

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Metal tiles do not crack or warp with time and retain their shape. Peeling is unheard of which means that you will have ceiling tiles that require almost zero maintenance and repair.

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Fire resistance is a huge advantage and for people who are concerned about safety, metal ceiling tiles are an excellent choice.

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Easy installation – another great advantage as you can install your ceiling tiles as a DIY project and unlike other types of ceilings, you will not need special tools or knowledge.

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Metal tiles do not have many cons, except for the cost of genuine metal materials. The investment can be substantial plus the cost of a protective coating to prevent corrosion over time. Faux tin tiles cost considerably less but they do not have the same durability.

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If you are a fan of metal ceiling tiles, or you want to enhance the authentic look of your home, or simply add style and character to your interior, you will definitely find an interesting pattern to complement the design concept of your home. You can use metal ceiling tiles in kitchens, bathrooms, home office, dining room or basement recreation areas.


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