Contemporary Wall Decorating Ideas for the Modern Home

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In a contemporary home there are a million and one ways to decorate the walls. Perhaps one of the most exciting and daring wall decorating ideas is to leave the materials your house is constructed from bare and unadorned.  In other words don’t decorate at all.  This might sound contradictory if not a little bizarre, in an article about wall decorating ideas.  What is often overlooked is the inherent beauty of raw materials.  The fabulous variety of textures and patterns, that are the natural characteristics of materials such as concrete, stone, metal and wood, are in themselves highly decorative.  Combining a variety of these different surfaces yields a sophisticated and contemporary decorative scheme that looks fabulous in combination with delicate accessories and rich comfortable fabrics and furnishings.

  Wall Decoration Idea - Art painting as center piece in the composition

Of course more traditional wall decorating ideas can be equally stunning.  The more conventional approach will centre on the use of paints, wall papers even fabric wall coverings.  The variety is infinite so the choice is yours.  To coordinate your interior design schemes you need to find a common theme which unites your wall decorating idea.  This might be purely aesthetic and deal with the fundamentals of colour, pattern, line and shape.  Find the dominant formal elements and then apply these to create rhythm and harmony within your decorative scheme.  For example if you select a wall paper decorated with geometric curves and circles you might want to pick up the curved or circular motif in the shape of your furnishings or maybe your light fittings, rugs and other accessories.  This way your wall decoration will blend seamlessly with the rest of your interior, creating a harmonious effect.  If colour becomes the key focus  of your wall decorating idea, then maybe paint walls in differing tones of the same colour , or alternatively pick up a complementary theme of opposite colours for a vibrant impact.

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Wall Decorating Idea - White Bookshelves from top to bottom

White is always a perfect choice for the basis of a successful wall decorating idea, it is great for  showing off subtle changes in texture, so the textures become the focal point rather than the colour.  White walls are also perfect for displaying big bold artworks, in this way you create a gallery type interior and the artwork becomes the main source of wall decoration.  Of course this is a secondary benefit of investing in fabulous artwork in the first place.

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What about using cleverly manipulated natural lighting to create an ever changing dynamic wall decorating idea?  Cast shadows can be highly decorative and the patterns will shift subtly as the light conditions alter.  Using shutters or blinds to control light will allow you to change the way illumination impacts on your walls.  For this to work you need to keep your walls plain and lightly coloured.  In a similarly transient way, coloured artificial light can also create a fantastic decorative effect on your walls. This approach will offer you endless variety and a decorative scheme that is never dull.  Finally, as with all things, trends in wall decorating ideas are always changing, so to keep your home looking fresh and contemporary it is likely that you will want to alter your decorative scheme every couple of years or so.

Wall Decoration Idea - Textile on the wall

Wall Decoration Idea - Art painting and sofa


Wall Decoration Idea - Wood over the fireplace

Contemporary Wall Decorating Ideas

Wall Decoration Idea - Lego

Wall Decoration Idea - Lego


Wall Decorating Idea - Child pictures


Round mirrors - White wall decorating idea

Loft wall decoration idea - Modern bookshelves

Desert style wall decor idea

Decoration idea White bookshelves

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