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Bringing a personal touch to your home

Your home should reflect your personality and individual tastes. However, it’s increasingly common to see homes where the occupants have read the designer blueprint, have the latest styles in home décor, but have done little to reflect the actual person who lives there.
If you’ve moved recently or feel like your existing home needs a little revamp, it’s time to add a touch of personalisation.

From decorating your walls to having blinds fitted and personalised here’s how to do it.

Let your pictures do the talking


Don’t adorn your walls with bog standard pictures from high-street homeware shops. Try and do something different. Opt for some art, but always go for something that speaks to you. What does it say about your personality? If you can’t connect with it don’t put it up.

You can also consider getting some canvas prints up on your walls of personal photographs. These can be family pictures, holiday snaps; just anything that means something to you and speaks of your personality.

Showcase your family treasures and heirlooms

Things that have been passed down through generations deserve pride of place in your home. Just think, that vase or pot given to you by your grandmother can add a lot of style to your living room. It can also add a lot of emotional value too. Have a look for those items which you may once have ignored and thought were redundant, then get a little creative – you’ll be surprised the personal touch you can find.

Let your home reflect who you are

The way you structure and design your home should say a lot about your individual personality. If you’re an avid reader don’t hide those books away in the bedroom, get a big bookcase and display them with pride. You may also want to try and create a small area where you can go to relax and get away from things with a good read.

If you love nature or travelling showcase this in your home. A space that speaks to you is so much more inviting that one that simply contains the latest fashions.

Bring a personalised touch to everything

If you can have a hand in the design of elements of the room, that’s a great way to bring a personal touch. Think blinds designed taking into account your style ideas or bespoke furniture designed to fit with the space and your style – anything you can make your own.

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