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Orchid pots – how to choose the best pots for orchids?

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Orchid pots are offered in a wide variety of colors, shapes, materials and when it comes to choosing the best orchid pod you have to choose the most suitable one for your flowers. Orchids are delicate flowers and need special care and attention. When you want to have orchids at home you need to plant them in a pot in which the orchid will feel good. Otherwise it is quite possible that your orchids will cease to bloom and may even die. Orchids are a special flower as they do not grow in soil and that is why orchid pots are not chosen for their capacity and durability as they have to meet other criteria.


How to choose the best orchid pots?


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When buying an orchid for your home it is recommended that you immediately replant the orchid from the pot in which you purchased it. Usually orchids are sold in simple plastic pots and for a certain period of time the flowers can stay in those pots until you buy another pot which is suitable for the cultivation. Orchid pots can be ornamental, simple, with artistic design but in general orchids can be cultivated in a pot, a basket or another container. Although the main function of an orchid pot is to ensure a good environment for the flower, the pots have a decorative function as well. You should choose orchid pods that work with your home dеcor and either blend with the style or stand out as an accent. This is especially important for small rooms, hallways or bathrooms, where an orchid in a pot can be a stylish decoration and an attractive and visually appealing focal point.


Orchid pots as a beautiful home decoration

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When choosing suitable orchid pots, you have to remember that these flowers do not grow in pots in the wild, their roots like to breathe and be free and grow outside the pot. The natural habitat of orchids offers much more moisture so one of the main requirements for the orchid pots is to provide enough moisture around the roots. At the same time the roots should be healthy and to avoid rotting the pot should not hold too much water. The moisture balance is essential for orchids and if you are a beginner in orchid growing, it is advisable that you choose clear orchid pots so that you can see the state of the plant roots.

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The size of orchid pots is also important. You may think that the pot you like is not large enough, but some of the best growing orchids are potted in small pots and you have to resist the temptation to buy a large pot as it is not necessary.

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Plastic pots, glass pots and white pots are advised as the best orchid pots as they allow you to see the roots and at the same time help for the photosynthesis. Plastic and glass pots allow light to pass through them and in addition, they are very easy to clean.

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Ceramic pots come in fascinating designs and enhance the beauty of the orchid. When you want to display your beautifully blooming orchids, a ceramic pot is an excellent choice.


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