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A Timeless approach to Contemporary Apartment Interior Design

Andrew’s Apartment by Carter Williamson Architects of Australia

The stylish interior of ‘Andrew’s Apartment’ is totally contemporary but at the same time classically timeless.  Designed by Carter Williamson Architects it represents a style which is simple elegant and comfortably functional.  Although relatively compact the living area in this contemporary apartment interior design appears much larger. Clever planning by the architects has achieved this effect

Streamlined, light and airy describe this flawless contemporary apartment interior design scheme.  A predominantly white decorative backdrop ensures that space and light are maximized throughout the open plan living spaces.  Large windows make a strong connection with exterior areas and let natural light flood the interior.  Sliding glass window and door panels open completely to remove barriers between exterior and interior spaces during clement seasons. The contemporary apartment interior design is clearly ergonomically planned for ease of living.

High quality materials are introduced to the interior design to add interest and vitality to the apartment.  Built in bookcases and cabinets in the kitchen area are also white, these are unadorned and simply styled continuing the sleek polished theme.  Mellow timber floors add a welcoming appeal to the cool interior.  The inclusion of traditional furnishings like the bentwood dining chairs, cushioned window seat and comfy wing backed easy chair add a homely touch ensuring the comfortable atmosphere of the contemporary apartment interior design.


A special design feature of the contemporary apartment interior design is that one end of the kitchen area opens completely to extend access to the outdoor barbeque deck.  This increases the sense of space within the apartment even further and provides a delightful area for relaxing and entertaining al fresco.

To add a pleasing contrast within the contemporary apartment interior design

a row of industrial style black pendant lights are suspended over a long black dining table, this is sophisticated design touch and creates interesting formal relationships.  The black is echoed in the framework to the outside deck creating a visual continuity of harmonious shapes and forms within the white interior.

The architects faced some special constraints during the design process of refurbishing this old 1900’s building but met the challenges admirably to turn ‘Andrew’s apartment into a comfortable and relaxing modern home.

by Jaz

Contemporary Apartment Interior Design

Contemporary Apartment Interior Design


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