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Sublimely Harmonious Minimalistic Interior Design

Architecture by Emre Arolat Architects

Interior design by Tanju Özelgin

Living room interior design

This sophisticated and luxurious home is located in ‘Çubuklu Valley’ a modern residential project delightfully situated in a forested region of the northern Bosphorus area of Istanbul.

The focus of this article is on the sublimely harmonious composition of the white interior design scheme.  Talented designer Tanju Ӧzelgin has worked magic throughout the house to establish a perfectly harmonious composition of a complex range of elements.  The predominantly minimalist interior design scheme is elegant and classically modern.  The white interior design is the ‘glue’ which holds all disparate factors together.

White living room design

Living room interior design

The atmosphere within the house is cool and calm with an urban ambience.  To introduce visual dynamics in the form of subtle textures and pattern, Tanju Ӧzelgin has made lavish use of a wide array of natural and organic materials.  These bring a sublime beauty to the minimalistic interior design and are a perfect compliment to the pure white walls, furnishings and surfaces.  Wooden elements add warmth and a welcoming touch to the design scheme.  Stone surfaces and areas of natural pebbles make a firm connection to the natural environment.  Wonderfully twisting plant forms have a similar impact and also soften the dominant geometry of the architecture.  Simple spherical ornaments, ceramic vases, woven baskets and natural hide rugs are also used to contrast the rectilinear structures and introduce character to the white interior design.

Dining room – white interior design

Dining room design

Unusually for a minimalistic interior design the spacious rooms are full of interesting objects and furnishings.  Although the majority of the furniture is sleekly modern the addition of selected more rustic items keeps this flawless home more grounded and personalized.

Although the focus of the interior design palette is on white and neutral colors, the dramatic inclusion of black through isolated furniture items, architectural features and artworks establishes a dramatic contrast.  This stylish combination is featured all through the minimalistic interior design.

This is a ‘show case’ house and subtle lighting features have been used to further enhance the forms and details of the stunning minimalistic interior design.  Even though the color scheme is very constrained, the house does not lack warmth or that essential quality that turns a house into a home.

by Jaz

Luxury minimalistic dining room with art wall decoration

Dining room design

Dining room design

Home library - furniture

Home library - furniture

Living area

Kitchen interior design

Kitchen design

Kitchen design

Bedroom white design and wall art decoration

Bedroom design

Minimalistic bathroom interior design


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