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Stone fireplaces – ideas for contemporary living rooms


unique stone fireplace ideas minimalist living room interior

The living room is a very special space because its interior is very important for the comfort at home.

Modern stone fireplace gray stone modern style interior design living room decor ideas

Modern stone fireplaces and a contemporary fireplace screen in living rooms interiors provide warmth and comfort and enhance the contemporary look. When searching for the best fireplace option for you, it may be that sometimes you feel a little lost.

 Stone fireplaces transform the house into a home

Stone fireplaces living room decoration ideas natural stone fireplace facing

A living room fireplace creates a special atmosphere in your home and gives you a better quality of life. It’s the details that make a difference.

Modern fireplace design ideas contemporary house design living room

A stone fireplace is not just a beautiful and stylish element in your home. Linear fireplaces are especially popular in modern interior designs.

Stone wall living room fireplace design ideas corner fireplace

This is the most durable and reliable construction that with proper design and execution will serve you for decades.

beautiful stone fireplaces contemporary living room interior wood burning fireplace

Stone is an environmentally friendly material that can easily withstand long heating to high temperatures, it does not deform and perfectly retains heat.

Awesome stone fireplaces design ideas contemporary living room

Stone fireplaces offer not only heat, but can turn into a real eye-catcher in your home.

How to incorporate stone fireplaces into modern interiors

Stylish modern stone fireplace wall sconces on both sides modern living room decor ideas

A stone fireplace can change any room, harmoniously fit into any interior design, but at the same time maintain its “personality” and originality.

Stone fireplace design ideas living room decor

You can opt for a complete natural stone design or decorative stone finish. Either way you will have the beauty of Nature and achieve an amazing aesthetic effect.

Stone ireplace designs contemporary home living room ideas creative home lighting

Color the right color for your stone fireplace is an important decision to make. You can decide whether the fireplace and finishing would be consistent with the overall tone of the room, or vice versa, it is better to create a contrast.

Modern stone fireplaces home designs living room decor ideas

Finally, let’s summarize the advantages of stone fireplaces and stone fireplace facing:

contemporary living room design stone fireplace focal pont home interior

Heat resistance. Decorative stone is adapted to surfaces that are heated to70 degrees.In this case, however, the coating of adhesive should also be heat resistant.

natural stone wall modern fireplace living room design ideas

Easy to work. The decorative stone facing is convenient and easy. You can make various forms.

amazing stone fireplaces modern home design ideas living room

Wide variety. There are so many decorative stone varieties which allow you to perform the most amazing design ideas. And this applies not only to surfaces and forms, but the colors of the stone too.

modern living room interior stone fireplace wood floor sofa armchairs

contemporary living room modern stone fireplace recessed lighting


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