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Reclaimed wood floors combine unique individuality and character

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Reclaimed wood floors are so popular as they are environmentally friendly and add a unique character to any home and any room. Choosing the right flooring among all the options on the market is a serious task, as the variety of options is quite big – hardwood floors, bamboo floors, laminate, linoleum, tiles, carpeting, etc,. What is reclaimed wood and where it comes from? Why choose reclaimed wood flooring? What are the pros and cons of reclaimed wood floors and how to maintain them? We shall give you a detailed look at the specific characteristics of reclaimed wood, its advantages and disadvantages. If you have decided to renew your home flooring, read on as we believe that the information is going to be useful for you.


Reclaimed wood floors – what is the origin of reclaimed wood?


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The timber for reclaimed wood floors may come from different places – antique homes, barns, public buildings, community centers, wooden bridges, schools, industrial buildings, railways, even storm damaged trees. Depending on the source, reclaimed wood can be from 50 to 150 or more years old which makes it the perfect material for restoration projects in antique or historic homes. In addition, reclaimed wood floors will give a beautiful and unique look in a new home and people who are attracted to the history behind every floor plank would love to incorporate material with history into their interiors. A specific feature of reclaimed wood is that the antique batches vary in size, nature, character, grain and the special charm of the wood that stood the test of time is almost impossible to be replicated.


What are the pros and cons of reclaimed wood floors?


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Why choose reclaimed wood floors? What are the advantages compared to other types of flooring? Is it safe to use reclaimed wood flooring? The growing trend for using reclaimed wood is due to many reasons. Some of them are that but it brings a history, texture, interest, and warmth to an interior space. There is no doubt that it is worth to put some effort and try to save and restore a solid wood floor, as the character and special visual appeal, the aged and weathered look of the wood which can hardly be found in new materials give the room and the home a unique atmosphere. The most popular wood species are heart pine, oak, chestnut, hickory wood which age beautifully with time.

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A major advantage of reclaimed wood is its versatility. It can be uses in many different projects – wall paneling, tables, countertops, cabinets, shelves, patio decks and of course hardwood flooring.

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Reclaimed wood floors have another great advantage – they are environmentally friendly. It is much better to use reclaimed wood for your flooring than petroleum-based carpeting or linoleum, isn’t it? In addition, reclaimed wood offers a greater quality and strength. Remember that it was used for many years and if treated with care and attention it can serve you for a lifetime.

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Reclaimed wood floors are really very special as they convey their history to your living room, kitchen or bedroom. The exquisite beauty and the natural appeal of reclaimed wood are a true complement to the interiors and the exquisite beauty of reclaimed wood flooring can be used in many design styles – to begin with rustic, traditional, modern, Mediterranean, industrial, etc.


Reclaimed wood floors – disadvantages and what to avoid


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When choosing reclaimed wood floors it is recommended that you avoid timber with a heavy varnishing, and wood which has been treated with chemicals or paint containing adhesives, preservatives, insecticides or lead. Try to inform yourself for the origin of the reclaimed wood as this will give you information for any possible treatments in the past.

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Buy your reclaimed wood from reliable dealers as there are some dealers who claim the wood they offer is reclaimed which is not true. Check the certificates of the dealers.

reclaimed wood floors ideas hardwood flooring

A disadvantage of reclaimed wood flooring is the possibility of infestation and it is necessary to check for pests before purchasing reclaimed timber. Holes in the timber, crumbling wood, visible bugs are clear signs for a pest invasion. Although not always visible, the timber may have nails so it is advisable to work with protective gloves and inspect for any hidden dangers prior installation.

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The price tag of reclaimed wood is usually higher as dealers sort and process the timber before selling it to customers. However, the extra costs for nail pulling and treating the wood are a necessity as the customer gets a safe material to work with.


How to maintain reclaimed wood floors and keep their good appearance


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Reclaimed wood floors are beautiful to look at and exude elegance and charm. The rich colors and aged look make the home look warm and cozy. These floors are easy to clean but you need to choose products suitable for an antique wood floor. The right polish will protect the wood floor for decades and prevent dirt, stains, grease and water from penetrating the wood. Depending on the type of finish, your reclaimed wood flooring may require a regular wax coating.

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Otherwise, the regular maintenance of reclaimed wood flooring includes a vacuum cleaning at least once a week, and sweeping with a soft broom. Using a damp mop is suitable only for surface sealed floors. Waxed flooring should not be wet mopped as the water may cause a lot of damage. Food or drink spills should be wiped as soon as possible to avoid staining.


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