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Cork floor – a practical alternative to wood floors

Cork flooring ideas modern home interior design natural flooring

Cork not only looks great. It is a practical alternative to traditionally popular floor planks like laminate and hardwood.

dining room design rustic style cork flooring natural stone wall

Cork is sustainable, natural and easy to maintain and a cork floor would be the perfect choice if you want to install a floor that brings nature into your home and enjoy at the same time the numerous advantages of the material.

Cork floor – the benefits of the natural materials

Cork floor waterproof bathroom flooring ideas

Cork is a sustainable natural material that is extracted from the bark of the cork tree. The process does not damage the tree – that’s why it is regarded as an environmentally friendly alternative to wood flooring and parquet.

cork floor tiles large living room interior white sofa fireplace

Cork floors are not only very trendy lately – they are very popular and highly valued because of their insulating properties. Cork is recommended for allergy sufferers as the material does not keep dust.

 modern home flooring ideas natural materials cork flooring

Today, cork floors enjoy a growing popularity and always find new followers. The advantages of cork can be summarized as follows:

Cork flooring gray color contemporary living room ideas
The material offers a fascinating, natural look, which is similar to wood. Thanks to its attractive color, it blends harmoniously into the modern living style and gives the interior a homely touch. On request, cork can be given different colored coatings.

Cork floor modern color bathroom flooring ideas
Cork has very good insulation properties and a very pleasant feel. It also provides an excellent sound insulation – and is therefore perfect for residential areas.

bedroom flooring ideas cork flooring natural materials

The material is sturdy and durable, repels dust, and is a good choice for homes with allergy sufferers.

cork floors bedroom flooring ideas natural materials natural colors

Cork is extremely easy to care for and perhaps this is the main reason why more and more families with pets and small children are choosing this type of flooring.

Cork floor installation – how to glue cork tiles

home office design cork flooring black furniture

People who opt for a cork floor, can buy prefabricated panels or floor tiles. Before the cork flooring is laid, the base level of the floor should be even. Then there are two possibilities – either the panels are glued to the ground, or they are mounted just like a laminate floor.

corridor flooring ideas cork floor tiles contemporary home interiors

In any case, it is important to note the exact installation instructions from the manufacturer so that the boards are not damaged.


modern bedroom interior cork flooring wall stripes

Cork floor white open plan living room kitchen living room

Cork floor tiles corridor flooring ideas home entry

Cork floor dark gray color modern living room design white armchairs

Cork floor dark gray color modern living room design

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