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Contemporary Interior Design in Fabulous Modern Family House


Minimalist architecture house in Barcelona

Pleasantly located in the heart of the old town of Barcelona, the space this ultra modern family house occupies is typical of the area, being particularly narrow but elongated. In fact the foundations span the distance between two streets.Due to its position, this house presented a considerable design challenge to the architects and interior designers Ferrolan LAB. The arrangement and shape of the living rooms is dictated to by the restrictive footprint of the building. Obviously the structural solution, to take full advantage of the limited space, was to build upwards. The building, therefore, becomes unusually tall in relation to its narrow foundations. Once the key structural elements were in place, the next emphasis was on the clever use of lighting and color, to ensure that the interior appeared as spacious as possible.  The arrangement of the rooms needed to be streamlined and uncluttered to make the most of every available space.  Importantly, maximum connections were made between inside and exterior living areas to add an essential sense of freedom and openness to the interior.

Contemporary living room interior design


Contemporary living room interior design

The contemporary interior design schemeis based on a foundation of bright white and light neutral tones. The introduction of vivid and vibrant colours can be seen in selected touches. Strong colour is used sparingly in the children’s bedrooms, items of funky furniture and colourful art works. These brighter more saturated hues infuse the home with a desirable sense of warmth and homeliness. It is noticeable that in areas approaching the outside spaces, the colour palette becomes more cool and neutral,l placing an extra emphasis on the fresh appearance of materials such as glass and steel.

Contemporary kitchen interior design


Contemporary kitchen interior design

In addition to colour, the formal elements of pattern and texture are prominent within this contemporary interior design. The living spaces are enlivened by a rich array of creatively juxtaposed materials. Powerful patterns are introduced through the thoughtful positioning of linear architectural features. These combine to add energy and a dynamic quality to the house. The emphasis on horizontal and vertical lines also serves to break up the elongated rooms into more homely and compact zones. An exciting spiral staircase makes an intriguing sculptural statement at the heart of the interior. The contrast of this curvilinear form creates an instant ‘wow’ factor within the stylish contemporary interior.The organization of the interior design scheme incorporates a garage and cinema at ground level.. Following this there is a mezzanine, with two rooms interconnected by a useful study. This space opens onto an attractive patio garden. The surprise on the first floor is that you initially encounter an open courtyard. To one side of this is the dining-room and on the other, the kitchen. The rooms are connected by a gallery, this in cleverly planned to become an open terrace during fine weather conditions. The bedrooms and bathrooms take up the private space on the second floor, and right at the top of the house is a luxuriously styled roof top pool terrace. The ingenious layout allows the occupants easy transition between interior and exterior areas. The lively contemporary interior design supports the physical characteristics of the house and enhances the lifestyle within.
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Kids Room interior design




Contemporary round staircase design



White contemporary interior design Modern Family house in Barcelona



White contemporary house interior design



White contemporary bathroom interior design



Rooftop pool – Modern design


Contemporary interior design – Fabulous House in Barcelona

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