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20 leather door handles – original design and functionality

leather door handles design ideas

A selection of 20 leather door handles will give you some ideas how to add some personality to your doors. Leather door pulls, leather door knobs – elegant, stylish and absolutely fabulous – will give a new vision to the interior. You know what they say –small details matter as they have the biggest impact. Using leather for door handles has been a popular option for ages. The noble and stylish leather handles can be a fantastic accent in the interior design and without any doubt, a demonstration of your good taste, individual approach and attention to detail.


Beautiful leather door handles – a creative way to add character and originality to the home


metal and leather door handles modern door handles ideas

Door handles, in general, must be reliable, strong and durable, because they have an important role. Whether you choose door handles for the interior doors of your home, for the kitchen cabinets or for the kids wardrobe, leather door handles will offer you an attractive appearance.

leather door handles DIY leather strips loop door handles

There are various leather door handles ideas. Some of them can be an enjoyable DIY project as the design is pretty simple. You can use leather strips and special nails and craft your door handles by yourself. Such door handles are suitable for kitchen cabinet doors and you can use leather in any color – if you want to create an eye catching accent use a bold contrasting leather color. If you want a more delicate appearance- neutral colors will do the trick. Either way when you want to dress up the cabinet doors, you will have something attractive, unusual and custom made by yourself.


Custom made high end leather door handles – craftsmanship, elegance and style


leather door handles ideas interior doors design

Door handles are the first thing we touch, coming into the house, and although leather door handles were associated with a luxury car interior, they have their place in the home. If sliding doors can do without handles, hinged doors need a handle or a knob and except a functional element, the handle is an important decorative element.

leather door handles artistic design metal leather door handle

Some people consider door handles as an architectural element of the door design and they are quite right. New concepts, creative designs, precision, unique appearance – all these can be used to describe modern leather door handles. Modern lifestyle and design concepts are focused to the reduction of unnecessary excess, clean , elegant lines and high quality materials. Many people are greatly attracted to leather door handles as they often combine metal and leather, wood and leather – materials that work together in a beautiful way. Leather wrapped metal door handles combine the durability of stainless steel or wrought iron with the warmth of leather and the soft feeling to the touch.

handmade leather door handles high quality door handles

High end custom made leather door handles may have a higher price tag, but the quality and the visual appeal are much greater than the one of a plastic door handle. Very often leather door handles are available in different colors of leather – from natural brown leather in light and dark shades to different colors like black, red, orange, etc.


leather door handles handmade door handles metal leather ideas

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