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Small Apartment interior design in Paris with Massive Style Impact

Small Apartment interior design in Paris with Massive Style Impact By SWAN Architectes of Paris, France


White and Red interior design in a Small Apartment in Paris with Massive Style Impact

This funky interior design scheme proves that living on a small scale does not have to mean living in discomfort or without style. Economical on space but massive on impact this small apartment interior design by Swan architects has been superbly styled and organized. The importance as shown here is to divide your living area logically as well as beautifully. Regardless of lifestyle or aesthetic taste there are obviously certain elements that you need to include in a small apartment interior design scheme. You have to enjoy living there otherwise your life will become miserable in all aspects. So in this case the occupant of this small apartment has had the environment totally transformed. It is ergonomically planned for ease of living. Screens and simple architectural features delineate specific ‘ zones’ however these have been left open to maximize the illusion of space.

White and Red Interior


White and Red – small apartment interior design

The colour scheme in the small apartment is highlighted with bold reds which draw attention to the rich variety of geometrical shapes within the flat. Also this rich accent colour has been used to create visual harmony between separate zones. This connection also imparts a feeling of space as does the rich timber flooring used throughout. A marvelous contrast has been created between the sleek and stylish modern units and the courser timber elements which relate to the original structure of the old building.

Interior design small apartment in Paris


White and Red – small apartment interior design

Ease of movement from one area to another and within separate zones of this small apartment has been maximized to avoid frustration of tripping over furniture or having to move piles of objects before performing a specific activity. Importantly a huge emphasis has been placed on providing ample storage to keep unnecessary items out of the precious living space.

The key to living in a small apartment is initially in the planning and interior design and then adopting good habits with regards to self organization. This place is perfect for small apartment dwelling but it would be less than ideal if not kept tidy and clutter free. So therefore a modest amount of self discipline is needed to keep this small cozy ‘nest’ a haven of peace and tranquility and to keep your small apartment interior design looking fabulous..

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Small apartment design


White and Red – small apartment interior design

Small apartment with White and Red interior design


White and Red – small apartment interior design


White and Red – small apartment interior design



White and Red – small apartment interior design



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