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Mid century modern style – lovely interiors with a chic retro look

Mid century modern style interior decor furniture armchairs sofa coffee table

What is Mid century modern style in terms of interior design and why is it so popular? As the name shows, this is a style which features the designs from the mid-1930s to mid-1960.

mid century modern style furniture wooden table bedroom living room furniture

The main characteristics of the style are the natural materials, as well as the new “materials of the future”, the smooth flow from indoors to outdoors, the iconic furnishings and lighting designs, the simple lines, graphic patterns, etc.

Mid century modern style in contemporary interiors

mid century modern style living room interior design sofa chairs

If you want to decorate your home in mid century modern style, you need to follow the main principles. One of the most important rules is to keep the interiors simple with pure forms.

simple lines mid century modern bedroom interior spectacular chandelier

As the design is concentrated on the ease of living, any excess in details is unacceptable. Choose furniture with geometric shapes, organic curves and clean lines.

living room design ideas mid century modern style iconic furniture pieces

The period is characterized with using materials like plastic which offered unique possibilities for furniture design.

midcentury modern style family room bold colors blue sofa orange coffee table

Stainless steel, glass, plywood, plexiglass – these were all highly popular and the furniture designs varied from black and white to bold colors. To avoid a tasteless mixture of various objects, choose a color scheme and arrange the design around one bold and spectacular furniture piece.

Mid century modern style – lighting and graphic patterns

Open floor plan kitchen design midcentury modern style white blue orange colors

Bubble lights, the iconic sputnik chandeliers, spectacular floor lamps have been an absolute hit and have become symbolic for the period.

midcentury dining room wooden dining table chairs

Interiors in mid century modern style would look stunning with an eye catching lighting fixture in any of those classic and striking designs.

midcentury modern bedroom design graphic pattern bold color wall art

Graphic patterns are bold, strong and feature strict geometry and wonderful curves. You can see these in rugs, wallpapers, drapes. Combined with the simple and clean look of the design, the graphic patterns add an accent and a contrast in the interior.

bedroom design ideas midcentury modern style furniture ideas

Art pieces and home accessories play an important role in midcentury modern style. They can add color and enhance the philosophy of the style.

Bold colors and simple lines

midcentury modern style living room design ideas midcentury furniture design

 Simplicity in the interior design

midcentury modern style living room design ideas chandelier chairs

 A smooth flow between inside and outside

Midcentury modern interior design living room sofa armchair coffee table

midcentury modern style kitchen designs natural materials

midcentury modern kitchen design open floor plan kitchen

mid century modern bedroom interiors table lamps chair

midcentury living room design sofa armchair round coffee table

Master bedroom ideas midcentury modern style graphic patterns wall art

kitchen style mid century modern kitchen design ideas minimalist wood cabinets

gorgeous midcentury modern style living room geometric pattern rug blue sofa armchairs



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