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Marcel Wanders – A Design Phenomenon VIDEO


Luxury interior design by Marcel Wanders

The popular phrase ‘the wow factor’ does not nearly describe the phenomenal impact of Marcel Wanders’ interior designs or indeed his creativity.  It is hard to come up with something truly unique in today’s highly competitive design world. However, the Marcel Wanders ‘brand’ has understandably gained world wide appreciation and respect.  From plush hotels to exquisite private residences Marcel Wanders stamps his unique mark on everything he touches.  His style is distinctive and an easily recognizable form of unadulterated opulence and luxury. As these glorious images show, typical of the Marcel Wanders approach is the juxtaposition of: big, bold, bright and colourful elements which are endlessly adapted to suit a diverse range of exceptionally luxurious living spaces.  Underpinning this is a desire by the designer to enhance the lives of all those fortunate enough to experience the beauty and fascination of a Marcel Wanders interior.



Luxury interior design by Marcel Wanders

So what makes Marcel Wanders work so original and so successful??  It is not that he is designing brand new shapes or originating something that hasn’t been used before.  In fact, he positively revels in calling on and reinventing features from all periods in Art and Design history. But the fact remains that his work is unique, it is undeniably exciting and innovative. This distinction arises from his energetic and bold approach where totally unexpected combinations of forms, surfaces, patterns, textures work seamlessly together.  Marcel Wanders ‘trademark’ is an eclectic, bohemian mix of styles derived from such periods as Ancient Egyptian, Italian Baroque, French Rococo, to 60’s Pop Art and ultra modern Futuristic ‘space age’ chic. In fact his work could be described as a celebration of human creativity across the ages and from all regions of the globe.



Luxury interior design by Marcel Wanders

Despite the obvious eclecticism, which arguably borders on eccentricity, each object or feature within a Marcel Wanders interior takes on a special significance and is not selected at random.  This is either in the active way it relates to other item s within a space or conversely as an entity that attracts exclusive attention.

The good news is that the ‘Marcel Wanders’ brand is now available on the high street   So it is possible to emulate aspects of his fabulous interior designs and introduce a superior sense of elegance into our homes.  Everyone can enjoy the ‘feel good factor’ that Marcel Wanders’ designs promote – how exciting is that?

 by Jaz


Luxury interior design by Marcel Wanders


Luxury interior design by Marcel Wanders


Luxury interior design by Marcel Wanders


Luxury interior design by Marcel Wanders


Luxury Interior design


Luxury interior design by Marcel Wanders

 Marcel Wanders on VIDEO


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